Danielle and Christopher

How We Met

Chris and I “met” through a mutual friend – mine from college and his from home on Long Island. He really had asked who I was after seeing a picture our friends had posted and asked for my number. I had just gotten out of a long relationship and was contently selfish in my own world as we sometimes are… but we talked on a Sunday, went out that Tuesday to Art Bar in the West Village and again and again after that.

Slowly but surely, it all just happened just when I least expected it. Moved in together, supported each other through long hours of work and exams and all of life’s big and small surprises – the best one yet, being our proposal.

After he proposed he told me he knew after our first date that he was going to marry me and I couldn’t believe it. So glad I said yes to that date, and now to forever.

how they asked

We had planned to spend the day in the city prior to meeting his family for his brother’s graduation dinner. We didn’t have much of a plan so when we finally got there from Hoboken we went to Dear Irving for a drink. I’ve always loved Irving Place and used to live nearby. I was happy to be back in that area but something about it made me not want to question him too much. We had a drink, For You by Frank Sinatra was playing. Hearing him always makes me think of my Grandpa and I was happy to know he was watching over us and part of this day.

He said we had to meet his friend which I thought was kind of weird but I went with it. We met him on the street, he passed something off, and before I knew it, he was unlocking the gates of Gramercy Park, I was weirdly SO thirsty all of a sudden, saw a beautiful blanket and picnic set up in the park, and he said a lot of nice things that I could only slightly focus on before he was down on one knee.

Danielle's Proposal in Gramercy Park, NYC

A photographer appeared and I was like really? But all kidding aside, I am truly forever thankful for those moments being captured right then and there.

Proposal Ideas Gramercy Park, NYC

My brother and friend appeared and did an amazing job helping orchestrate the whole thing. We took pictures floating through Gramercy Park and noticed a feather right in our path on the sidewalk. My grandpa really had been there all day with us.. We then met both of our families at Craft and I cried on and off between courses. The day was magical and shocking and so full of love and detail.

… I did notice him spending extra time getting ready and stressing what to wear that day. Makes sense!

Special Thanks