Danielle and Chris

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How We Met

I met Chris in 2010 through a mutual friend that was dating his best friend. The first time we met, he & his friend both showed up looking like scrubs that had been partying for a week straight. According to Chris, he knew I was “the one” the first time he met me however, I had no interest in him whatsoever. At the time he was in the military and didn’t live in Jacksonville, so the only communication we had over the next year was via social media and was only every once in a while. Chris came back in town about a year later and randomly text me to go to dinner during the Thanksgiving holiday. I had been through a pretty bad breakup and decided it would be good to get out and get my mind off things. Little did I know, that dinner would be the beginning of the rest of our lives together! We spent every night together that week of Thanksgiving and Chris was (and still is) one of the nicest & funniest guys I had ever met. There was something about him that I just loved. He was laid back, nice, and made me laugh so much! Before Chris, I had never really been with someone like that. From day one there was nothing he wouldn’t have done for me and my son. I am one of the luckiest women alive to have such an amazing man that not only loves me with all his heart, but also loves my son like his own.

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how they asked

Just thinking about the proposal makes me smile! I knew Chris was planning a weekend getaway for us in December because he told me he wanted to go away for a couple days while Alex was at his dads. We have season passes to Universal Studios and go there quite often so I assumed we’d be heading to Orlando like every other time. However, not too long after we left I realized we were going the opposite way. All of a sudden it hit me that we were actually going to Savannah, GA. We had been to Savannah a few years prior and had always talked about going back to visit. After a few hours on the road and we pulled up to this adorable “boutique” bed & breakfast called The Eliza Thompson House. The house was absolutely adorable with so much character and charm. Our room had it’s own private entrance from the street and was so romantic.

After checking in, we went for a walk down River Street, had a glass of wine and just spent the evening talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. He didn’t really tell me everything he had planned out for the trip but I was enjoying the spontaneity of it all and just trying to take every moment in. He did tell me we had dinner reservations at 8pm and that I should dress nice! Everything went so smooth getting ready that night. My hair was perfect, I had my favorite dress & I was having one of those days where you just feel pretty. (Every girl knows what I’m talking about!) Around 7:30 a bicycle cab picked us up and we headed to dinner, me still not sure where we were going. The night just got better as we arrived at The Olde Pink House! If you have never been I highly recommend going and sitting in the basement! There is a cozy fireplace, a piano player and dinner is served by candlelight. It is the definition of romantic! At dinner we began talking about the future and what our life together would look like. I’m not sure when or how but during that conversation he slipped the ring right in front of me on the table. We were holding hands still talking and I didn’t even notice!!! We were on the subject of marriage and he ended up asking me without me realizing he was actually asking me! He had to ask twice before it hit me that he was proposing! Of course I said, “Yes!!” and with that he nodded his head looking at the ring causing me to finally look down!

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Special Thanks

Susannah Moore
 | Photography