Danielle and Chris

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how we met

We connected through Facebook in March 2016. We have mutual friends and I “knew of” Chris from high school (Chris played baseball and I was a cheerleader). Chris graduated in 2004 and I graduated in 2005. Chris went to play baseball at a small private Christian university called Lipscomb University in Nashville where he completed his undergraduate and Master’s degrees. I went to the University of Florida for my Bachelor’s degree and then completed my Master’s in Leadership (same Master’s degree as Chris) at Palm Beach Atlantic University. So, I secretly knew Chris was single (thanks, Facebook) and a great guy with similar interests so I requested his friendship and prayed he would message me! He did (4 days later!), and that is where our friendship grew! Our first date was April 2nd, he picked me up at my apartment and we went to play mini golf and then eat burgers. It was casual and fun and so “us”. He swears he wasn’t nervous, which I find very hard to believe, and I was surprised by my desire to kiss him (though I definitely didn’t, because I barely knew the guy!) Mini golf and burgers are now one of our favorite dates.

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how they asked

We’d been talking for weeks about doing Legends of Xscape in West Palm Beach Chris’s brother and sister-in-law. Chris’ parents bought it as a gift for his nephew for Christmas so that I’d have no clue what was up. We met his brother, sister-in-law, and nephew at the escape room and went in. The entire staff knew what was happening, they had been in contact with Chris for a few weeks, setting everything up and working out the logistics.

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So, on the final clue, you had to use the combination of numbers to open a safe in the wall, which I did, and in the safe was the clue to get out of the room AND an empty ring box. I read the clue aloud, still facing the wall, and turned around to try to decipher what it meant with the group (because the empty ring box wasn’t a sign to me, it kind of went along with the storyline of the escape room!) When I turned around, Chris was on his knee asking me to marry him!

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