Danielle and Casey

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How We Met

I had just returned from studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My best friend picked me up from LAX and on the way home wanted to introduce me to a guy named Casey that he said I was bound to love. We went to a different friend’s house and the first person I saw was Casey. I immediately went up to him and said: “Hi I’m Danielle, I hear you’re hilarious and I’m going to love you.” He was heading out at that moment and probably thought I was crazy with that first impression.

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Eventually, we kept running into each other and started to casually date. In November 2013 I was leaving on a flight for two weeks and Casey dropped me off at LAX where he asked me to be his girlfriend.

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How They Asked

Fast forward seven years and it’s now 2020. We have been living in Australia for 3 years now and have been mostly at home this year due to the pandemic. Our seven-year anniversary was coming up and I thought it would be nice to take a short one week trip for it. I decided it would be a nice surprise since usually, Casey plans our anniversaries.

I created a scavenger hunt and hid clues all around the house. He had to uncover everything after solving riddles and questions. Eventually, he figured out we were heading to the Whitsundays. A few days pass by and I mention to him that it would be nice to do a photo shoot to commemorate being with each other for seven years. He agreed and said we could also do a nice dinner that night since I will be getting dressed up.

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Everything went according to planned that day and we ended the photoshoot near our dinner table. It turned out Casey had rented out an entire jetty for a beautiful private dinner. I thought it was stunning and nothing felt out of the ordinary since we were celebrating seven years together – except Casey then decided to propose!

He didn’t tell anyone so you can imagine the shocked faces all around. I was uncontrollably crying as I had no clue and was caught so off guard. It eventually made him cry as well as the photographer and waitress. We all stood there in tears full of joy. I had already known the day’s plans completely except for the secret proposal which was such a huge surprise! What a beautiful evening it was – and to top it off it all happened on the most magical day (11-11-2020)

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