Danielle and Cal

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At home

He and I had just finished playing a board game with his parents and he went to go take a shower upstairs. He then text me and told me he was going to take a nap instead. He knows I hate when he takes naps because he’d be up all night. I text him and told him that I didn’t think he should take a nap. He then text me and told me he was already in bed. So I then kept face timing him to see if he was actually in bed. He kept denying my call. So I ran upstairs to see if he was in bed and get him out of bed if he was in fact in bed. I totally planned on tickling him as a “punishment.” We love to tickle one another. I opened the door and he was on one knee. After I said yes he told me he had to annoy me enough to get me upstairs so that’s why he wouldn’t answer my FaceTime. He was shaking like a scared little puppy dog. As soon as I saw him, I kept saying “this is a joke, right?” He reassured me multiple times that it wasn’t. It was a simple proposal but one that I wouldn’t want any other way. ❤️

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