Danielle and Bryan

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How We Met

Bryan and I met at my roommate’s sister’s graduation party. Bryan went to high school with my roommate and was a close family friend. She introduced us and I was immediately smitten. His intelligence, composure, and smile swept me away. We immediately became inseparable and we were spending every waking moment together. He told me he loved me after the second date and although I didn’t say it back, I knew I felt the same way and that he was the one.

how they asked

This past December, Bryan had me take a week off of work to go on a road trip to one of my favorite spots up north. A couple days before we were supposed to leave, he started handing me the cutest love notes and telling me how much I meant to him. Then, when we were supposed to start our road trip, he surprised me by taking me to the airport instead. He had been planning a trip for us to Iceland since July! I was elated and so excited. Since we live in Minnesota and were going up north, I already had the right clothes to pack. He planned it perfectly. Once in Iceland, Bryan had rented a car to drive the southern coast of Iceland. We hit the road immediately and drove to our first destination, the golden circle. It was amazing to see waterfalls, geysers, and cliffs. The mountains were incredible. After hiking and sightseeing, we hit the road to head back to the hotel and eat. The scenery was incredible. Pink and orange skies with snow-covered mountains. Bryan asked if I wanted to take a picture with the mountains in the background. As we were getting ready to take the picture, Bryan slipped me the last love note, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him! I was so surprised and of course said yes. He planned on asking me on my birthday (day 3 of our trip), but knew he couldn’t wait any longer. We were so excited and happy. It was the best way to spend the trip, as a newly engaged couple!