Danielle and Brien

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How we met: Love at first sight…yes, definitely! Of all places, Brien and I locked eyes at a gas station in the fall of 2000. I was in my girlfriends mustang and he pulled up beside me in a flat bed Ford thinking he was sooo cool. I was decked out for the upcoming powder puff football game I was playing in later that day. I had on war paint, tidied socks, hair in pig tales…the works! I really can’t remember if we even spoke that day or just stared at one another…but as the old saying goes, through the grape vine he got my number (this was before Facebook, and in the short lived days of the pagers) and we started dating fall of 2000.

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how they asked: Brien and I had been talking about marriage for what seemed like forever. We would on occasion look at rings, talk about the venues etc. One afternoon after a very long day of work, I went over to Brien’s and before I could get both feet in the door he was down on one knee, with an arm full of roses and an unforgettable smile! He asked me to marry him! The words I had been waiting for since I was a young girl. Yes! We called our parents in North Carolina to share the good news! I can not wait to marry the love of my life 10-27-12!

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Photos by Evin Photography, out of Franklin Tennessee.