Danielle and Brian

How We Met

Little did I know, my forever lived less than 4 miles away. Danielle and I lived in neighboring towns for most of our lives, and our high schools would sometimes compete against each other. I had no idea who she was, for a long while, as our friendship circles never crossed. And then it did. We became friends quickly, and for a long time, that’s all it was. Then the stars aligned, the moon became endlessly full. We hung out more and more, and ever so slightly, it would only be just us. We fell in love, quickly, and passionately, with the feeling of immortality every single day. Years passed, our love grew. I knew it was time to finally propose. I knew it was time a long while ago, but since I was a broke student, with no resources to provide, pragmatically, I wouldn’t dare promise a forever I couldn’t sustain. So I waited. Cheers to Danielle for being the most patient, wonderful being ever. I finally graduated, and started an actual career; the stars aligned once more, and I started to make enough money to save, and plan for a proposal.

Proposal Ideas Bridge View Tavern

How They Asked

Operation: Steal her heart (a throwback to one of our first dates) was a go. We get really REALLY excited about food, so whenever we find a good place, we always tell our friends. Sometimes, our eagerness to share makes it less special. For the most part, Bridge View Tavern was special and dear to us, and we kept its allure and magic to ourselves and to only a select few. We kept it as “Our place.” Their beer garden was perfect, it was protected by the elements, and it’s situated along the river, with gorgeous views. I managed to get in contact with one of the owners. Chris was thrilled and honored that I would even consider planning such an event in his beer garden. He was perfect, and he unquestionably alleviated one of the biggest challenges of my life with his wit, care, and his total badass personality. He was all 100% into my plan from the beginning.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Bridge View Tavern

Because the beer garden was closed on certain days, I would be able to propose in a private, intimate way. Chris would be waiting at the entrance and would lead Danielle to a specific seat in the beer garden, the “best seat in the house,” which was, importantly, facing away from the entrance. A couple of minutes later, after deciding what we would like to order, and covertly taking her phone, I would excuse myself to find the waiter to provide our order. Once I left, one of our hidden friends would call my phone, which was left at the table, to grab Danielle’s attention, so she would see the words “Play me” on my screen. The video would play, revealing about 3 minutes of awesomeness including pictures all throughout the years of our relationship, teasers for the ring, and most notably, a video of her Grandmother, the matriarch of her family, giving her blessing and some words of wisdom. By the end of the video, I would tease the ring one last time (never actually showing it,), while I sneak up from behind her, provide a little speech, get down on one knee, and finally show the ring.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bridge View Tavern

That was the plan at least.

And for the most part, The plan went off almost perfectly. We had a trip to Jamaica the following day, a perfect excuse to get her nails and hair done, and a well-deserved vacation from work. Unbeknownst to Danielle, it was also a post-engagement getaway. We had packed already and left the day open for last-minute things, and a fancy dinner. On the way to the dinner, I suggested that we go to Bridge View Tavern instead, it was much closer, and we haven’t been there in a while. Once we got there, Chris played along perfectly and started to lead us to our table. The beer garden was lit with candles and meticulously prepared hours ago, by a couple of our greatest friends hidden behind the bar, armed with cameras. Hours, helping set up cameras/place settings/candles, preparing the beer garden as if it were open, all of this in the midst of the hottest heatwave, of the hottest month ever – I could not have had better friends with me. Everything looked amazing, and Danielle looks absolutely beautiful, and wait – Danielle starts walking to the bench side of the table, facing the entrance (which would totally ruin the surprise of me coming behind her with the ring). Luckily, Chris managed to convince Danielle that the targeted seat was the more comfortable arrangement. The plan went on.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bridge View Tavern

A couple of minutes passed and after realizing I couldn’t steal Danielle’s phone, I left to “use the restroom.” After one last hug, which, peculiarly, lasted longer than usual, I left and ran to my spot, outside of the beer garden entrance, waiting for a specific audible cue of when to sneak up to Danielle. What felt like an eternity passed, and even Chris noticed and told me “I think something’s wrong with your phone, the video isn’t playing.” Millions of scenarios were playing out in my head, and dejectedly, I started walking back to our table to figure something out, and salvage the surprise.

Where to Propose in Bridge View Tavern


My phone was called, but for some reason, it kept ringing. It was ringing long enough that Danielle managed to pick up, to no response of course. Danielle at that moment saw the “Play Me” on the screen, but chalked it up to be just some Youtube video and then put it back down on the table. My phone was called again, Danielle answered, and again, no response. With a curious and misconceived laugh, she put my phone down again and texted our friend of his butt dials to my phone. Moments later, she received a text stating “Open Brians phone,” to which she replied “lol and then?” – It’s amazing how much she respects my privacy. At last, she got back to the video and finally played it.

I was walking back to my table, all discouraged with my head hanging low when I heard the video playing. I ran back to my spot, waiting for my audio cue, grinning the entire time. She was adorably engrossed by the video I made. I walked to her and by the ending of the video, I hugged her tightly from behind. I stood her up and told her that I love her and that I was hers, always. After an eternity of planning, an infinite amount of almost disasters, and countless modifications to the ten-millionth scheme, time stood absolutely still, and the perfect moment happened.

She said Yes.

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