Danielle and Brandon

Danielle and Brandon's Engagement in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

How We Met

Our love story begins with the two of us as young sophomores in high school. We began as friends and that relationship slowly developed into more when finally, after I had been crushing for months, Brandon sent me a text asking “do you want to be more than friends?” How could I say no? We grew up together. We know each other better than we know ourselves. We are best friends.

How They Asked

I’ve always believed that couples who fall in love at a young, innocent age and become high school sweethearts have the kind of love that will last a lifetime. Luckily I found this kind of love. Brandon and I fell in love at the age of 15. Since then, we have grown up together and our young love has developed and deepened. After being together for nearly five years, graduating high school together, and Brandon joining the United States Air Force and leaving home to serve our country, this proposal was a long time in the making. On one of Brandon’s visits home, we took a trip to Charleston, SC. In this new destination, with romance in the air, it was only a matter of time before he got down on one knee.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

On our second night in Charleston, we decided to head to Sullivan’s Island at sunset to walk along the beach. The island was breathtaking. We strolled along the nearly deserted beach soaking up the last moments of sunlight. As the sun dipped lower, we took a moment to gaze at the ocean, arms wrapped around one another. With Brandon behind me, he leaned into my ear and whispered, “there’s something I’ve been wanting to do.” At this moment, I knew that everything I had been dreaming about was soon to become a reality. I turned around to see Brandon down on one knee in the sand with an engagement ring in his hand. In this moment, where only the two of us existed, our forever began.

Special Thanks

Savannah Ward
 | Photographer