Danielle and Bradlee

How We Met

Danielle moved to Niagara in 5th grade when I was in 9th grade, so we have actually known each other for awhile. She has a brother that was in the same grade as me and we were good friends, played sports together and graduated together. However Danielle and I never talked. Fast forward to 2016 – I was out with my friends on a Thursday as it was a thing that we would go out every Thursday. We went to a bar in my hometown, The Bunker, and as soon as I walked in I saw her there out with her friends, too. Later in the evening, we both caught each others eye and smiled. As I was leaving, she mentioned that she thought I lived across the street from her. Turns out, I did! The next Thursday both groups of friends were out again and this time Danielle and I talked the entire night, literally. That was the night I realized I had feelings for her.

How They Asked

For the proposal, I wanted to do something special in the perfect place. I thought about where I could ask her for a couple weeks around our small town. We both value family so I knew I wanted them all involved. One night while on the back deck I realized I already had the perfect place to ask her, the house I had bought while we were dating. Our yard goes right down to the river with the Niagara bluffs right behind it. Getting our families friends together was the easy part. Her brother and I had our 10 year high school reunion that weekend so I used that as the reason for all of us to get together. I asked AJ if he would mention to Danielle that we should have a cookout at our house. Well she loved the idea and better yet didn’t suspect anything. Everyone already knew the plan for holding up the letters that spelled out, “Will You Marry Me?” With everyone at the house I asked Danielle if we could take a picture together down by the river. As we walked down, along with her best friend that was taking the pictures, everyone got their letters together. When we were done my sister yelled, “Danielle we have a question for you.” When she looked there it was spelled out, “Will You Marry Me?” I was down on one knee with the beautiful Erickson Jewelers ring in hand waiting for her to turn around. When she did, she ran towards me already crying, “Yes!”
Photos By Ciera did an amazing job of capturing our special moment.

Special Thanks

Photos by Ciera
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