Danielle and Brad

How we met: Brad and I met when I was 15 and he was 17 through a mutual friend at a local football grand final.  We had an instant connection, a love at first sight kind of moment. I knew he was the one for me. (Imagine that, at 15?!) Brad asked me to go to a party with him after the game, but I was unable to as I had a shift to work at Blockbuster Video. An hour into my shift, in walks Brad! He walked up to the counter, said hi with a cheeky smile and handed me his membership card. I was so nervous I couldn’t hold it because I was shaking so much!

We both knew we were too young to begin a relationship, so a close friendship developed over the years. 4 years later brad asked me to be his girlfriend. We couldn’t stand being “just friends” anymore.  We were madly in love.

how they asked: 6 years later while holidaying in Queensland we visited Paronella Park. In the midst of exploring castles and waterfalls, Brad being the true gentleman, on bended knee asked me to be his wife. He took my breath away! Of course I said yes! Brad had organized not only champagne to come out, he had also organized a photographer to capture his romantic proposal to me!

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Photos by Vital Photography