Danielle and Blake

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How We Met

I was working at a local restaurant through college as a hostess. Blake worked in real estate, and was the property manager for the building where the restaurant was. When he first introduced himself, he told me that his office faced the parking lot where he would watch me park and walk up to work everyday. He said that he had to talk to me because he thought I was beautiful and loved watching my bouncy hair as I walked up the stairs. I wasn’t sure if this was creepy or romantic, but I went with it. After a couple of months of visiting me at work and flirting, he finally asked me out on our first date, the day after Valentines day… He went big on this date.

He took me to his boat which is docked in downtown, San Diego, facing the beautiful skyline. I was pretty nervous so I had a couple of drinks before our date. That plan backfired on me when he pulled out a bottle of champagne on the boat, where I politely took a few little sips, trying not to get drunk on our first date. We enjoyed our conversations and took them to a pizza joint around the corner, where we barely ate because we talked so much. We stayed up till 2am talking about our families and music taste that we share until he drove me home. I’m pretty sure that it was on this date that I knew I had met my best friend. He started to visit me at work more and more, and eventually we fell completely in love. And the rest is history….

how they asked

One year later, he took me back to the boat where we had our first date. He told me that he loved me, and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, and I said YES!

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Special Thanks

Taylor Hertel
 | Photographer