Danielle and Andrew

How We Met: Five years ago Me and Andrew met at karaoke night at Friday’s. I went to the bar for my friend she wanted to met a guy and I wasn’t even 21. Andrew saw me across the bar and tried to buy me a drink, the bartender knew I wasn’t 21 so they gave it to my friend. A few minutes later he came over and we talked. Our first date was a ride on his jet ski. I was head over heels for him!


We dated for about 4 months and I was afraid of commitment and getting hurt so I ran. 6 months later I contacted him and we’ve been together ever since!! We’ve been threw a lot together between lives lost and life changes. I wouldn’t have it any other way and can’t wait to call him my husband!

how they asked: He decided to propose on my 25th birthday. He had all my friends and family in on it. They blind folded me and took me to the beach when they took the blind folds off everyone was there!


After the beach he planned a party at our apartment. It was definitely an awesome night I couldn’t be any happier until our next chapter being married!