Danielle and Andrew

Danielle and Andrew's Engagement in Fort Point, San Francisco

My boyfriend at the time surprised me with a impromptu trip to San Francisco for my birthday. We left early on a Friday morning and headed to our nearest airport in San Diego. When we were dating, I told him one of my bucket list items was to randomly get on a plan and head to a destination to explore a city. Well, as fate would have it, andrew planned this surprise trip to my favorite city in the world. We spent all Friday exploring the city, checking out the beaches, and closing it with the celebration of firworks to start the Christmas season. To me, Saturday was just another day to explore my favorite city. We roamed around Palace of the fine arts, but then he wanted to explore a lookout point. So it was my bright idea to say, “let’s walk on the beach to the point.” Okay, this was not your average stroll. I walked on a beach path to 40 minutes and the had to climb a hill in my wedges. I literally struggled to get up th hill and all I could think of is when we get to the top we’re calling the uber. When we did finally reach the top, I didn’t care about the view at all, so like any tired person who struggles on a hike, I layed down… yes, here I was laying on this cement seat while he had a surprise photographer taking photos. After he helped me up, the next thing I knew he was proposing. I had no idea, and now we laugh at the photos of me laying down…after the surprise proposal he also hired that same photographer to do a photo shoot of us in the woods.

Where to Propose in Fort Point, San Francisco