Danielle and Andre

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How We Met

Andre and I met at the University of South Florida. My sorority held a philanthropy event called Anchor Splash which benefited the Service for Sight charity. In this event, fraternities and sororities competed against one another in a synchronized swimming competition. While no one was ever really a professional synchronized swimmer, the sororities took it very seriously. They purchased awesome costumes, rehearsed for weeks and always threw in really cool cheer-leading stunts to wow the crowd. The fraternities on the other hand, where incredibly entertaining in a total, “this is so bad that it’s actually good” kind of way. It was in Anchor Splash tradition that the men sported tiny shiny Speedos and do the funniest, craziest dance moves paired with some impressive lifts. Being a dance choreographer and teacher myself, I of course volunteered to be a coach for the event and I was paired with the Delta Chi fraternity. I had a couple friends there and the thought of creating a funny dance for charity was right up my alley. There was about 20 guys in the dance and we had many rehearsals where I surprisingly I never even noticed Andre. He remembers me telling him where to go and who to lift up out of the water but I guess I was too focused on coaching to really pay attention!

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Little did I know that Andre had spotted me, and without even knowing me said to his friend beside him, “that girl…I gotta have her. I’m going to make her my girlfriend.” His friend laughed and reminded him I was two years ahead of him and said that would never happen. Andre ignored him…he was the tenacious type. The day of the event finally approached and when I finally took a break from running around I took a spot standing under a little tent with the rest of the Delta Chi boys I was coaching. After a couple minutes I turned to my left and there was standing (in a little shiny Speedo) the hottest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on. Chiseled jaw, strong and mysterious with a body we can all thank Cross-fit for. My friend Desire and I discreetly called him, “the Manimal.” We talked a little then went along our way for the rest of the day. Based on his looks I pinned him to be a typical stuck up guy but after getting to know him a little better I realized he was incredibly kind, humble and actually shy. It wasn’t until Halloween night where our mutual friends in the sorority and fraternity got together and went out to a local college bar, “Bulls Club”. Here we talked a little more, he asked me to dance and we eventually shared our first kiss on the very classy, beer soaked floor of the locally famous college bar.

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how they asked

Andre and I, along with a couple friends took the trip of a lifetime to Iceland! At one of our scenic stops, Skogafoss waterfall, My friend Kimmy and I shimmied over to a little cliff side overlooking the giant waterfall to take a picture. Andre asked me not to go, and looked stiff and worried. “The wind is too strong Danielle, it might push you over.” (As it has been this entire trip) Kimmy and I were determined to be adventurous and did it anyways. As soon as he snapped the photo of us he rushed us back to safer ground. We took our long climb down the mountain and towards the base of the Skogafoss waterfall; monumental, lush and godly… the waterfall’s powerful mist had created two rainbows framing it; One at the base and one at the top. Andre turned to me and said, ” when you were sitting there over by the edge of the cliff, the wind blowing strong, I’ve never felt so scared and anxious to lose someone in my life, what if you fell?

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That’s the moment I knew… I had to ask you this right now……Danielle, I love you ,I’ve always loved you and I want to love you forever. Will you marry me?”

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