Danielle and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met in college in Pennsylvania. We were both from Boston and most people were from the tri-state area (NJ, NY and PA). It was in accounting class right at the beginning of the semester in 2009 – I was a junior and he was a sophomore. I was wearing a Red Sox t-shirt and he was sitting next to me and whispered, “I like your shirt.” We are both huge sports fans so instantly connected that we were both from Boston in a sea of NY Giants and Philly fans. As the week went on, he kept showing up in my classes. We had four classes together that semester and our friendship grew to affection for each other. The night before summer vacation he admitted he had feelings for me all year. We went home to Boston and met up a month later for our first date. The rest is history :)

how they asked

It was June 2, 2017 and Alex told me we were going to meet his two friends for dinner. We had been trying to do a double date with them since the winter and things kept coming up, cancelling our plans. I thought this might finally be the dinner, but I was also suspicious Alex had something else planned… We live right outside of Boston so we planned on taking the T (subway) to dinner and then walking along the Esplanade (a beautiful path that goes along the Charles River that has amazing views of Cambridge and the Boston skyline). We like walking rather than taking public transportation so it didn’t seem weird to me that we got off the T and walked along the river. I also love taking pictures whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram, etc. so Alex led me to this beautiful spot that had an amazing view of the city. He said we should take a selfie with the skyline – which also wasn’t weird to me – and said let’s take it on Snapchat. So I got out my phone and we took the selfie and then he said, “Put a filter on it.” I was swiping through the filters and then a filter came up, “Danielle will you marry me?” I was in shock and then all of a sudden Alex was down on one knee, saying all these nice things to me that he had to repeat later because I blacked out. It wasn’t until several moments that I started to hear a clicking sound and noticed there were photographers there capturing the moment. The photographer turned out to be one of our friends who is a graphic design artist and photographer and one of her friends. I was in shock, so excited and overwhelmed with joy, I started making calls immediately to my family. I then asked Alex if we were really doing dinner with his friends and he said let’s go to dinner and find out. When we got to the restaurant both our families were there waiting with champagne in our own area on the patio. It was absolutely perfect that he incorporated our families – something that was really important to me – and he did the proposal in the most perfect way with the most beautiful setting.

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