Danielle and Adam

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How We Met

Picture it: The Fall of 2011, the scene of Rosati-Kain High School’s Fall Musical, Oliver, is in full swing. I’m working backstage crew and Adam has been recruited from Metro High School to play Bill Sykes. No words are spoken between the two of us, but we’re in the awkward “know of each other” phase of our relationship. Fast forward to March 2012 and Adam is back at good ‘ol R-K for the spring play and we cross paths again. Once Adam has ascertained that I’m is not a measly little Junior, and is in fact the same age as he is, he makes his move. Lots of awkward flirting later, Adam asks me to prom and we soon become “official” on March 30th, 2012. The rest is history!

how they asked

Our first date was at the Botanical Gardens. We walked through the gardens and we had our first kiss on the bridge going into the Japanese Tea Garden (my absolute favorite spot). Fast forward 4 years to Adam’s birthday, July 7th, 2016. We spent the morning and early afternoon in the winery region of Missouri and it was absolutely perfect. I could tell that Adam was a little antsy and had a feeling that he might propose on this day due to all of the hints he was dropping. After arriving home from the wineries, Adam decided that he wanted to stop by the botanical gardens before we went out for his birthday dinner. We headed over and began walking around and it totally seemed like any other visit that we would make. We got to the bridge and he began to reminisce over our first time going there together. I knew it was coming and soon enough he got down on one knee and made me the happiest I’ve ever been! Unbeknownst to me, his brother, Andy, was hiding nearby and got pictures of the entire thing! It was absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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Special Thanks

Andy Benckendorf
 | Photographer