Danielle and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron and I met in middle school WAY BACK in 2010 in 7th grade. We were first introduced by a mutual friend of ours (Mackenzie). Aaron and I became literally best friends, we hung out all the time at school and talked all the time. In seventh grade at the time, I was dating someone else.

I would ask Aaron for advice on my relationship, and I thought his advice was always kinda weird, and unusual. But I thought.. well he is a guy so I guess he knows what he is talking about. Needless to say, I know now, he was giving not the best advice on purpose because he actually really liked me… (lol I am so gullible). Anyway, that relationship did not work out, so I was fine being single for the rest of my seventh-grade year. Aaron and I continued to get closer, and at this point, I still did not know he liked me.

Danielle and Aaron's Engagement in Atlantis Bahamas

I always thought he was super cute, funny, and had the BEST smile. But I still just considered him my best friend. I guess you could say I kinda “friend-zoned” him for the first couple of months of our friendship.

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It was not till one day in science class I realized I actually liked Aaron, not just as a friend, but more than a friend. I came into a science class that morning, Aaron and Mackenzie were sitting together, I walked up and they informed me that they were now “boyfriend and girlfriend” (which I find out 3 minutes later was just a prank). When I heard the news, my heart dropped to my stomach, I was actually so sad that someone else was going to get to love and be with Aaron, other than me.

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Within this 3 minute span, I was telling myself, to play it cool and be happy for them, which I did. After this, they both started laughing and said that it was just a prank to make the guy Mackenzie liked jealous, and for me to play along. WOW, I was relieved. After science class was over, all three of us walked together to our next class, social studies. I told Mackenzie that I had to tell her something. I whispered to her, “I think I like Aaron more than just a friend.” Immediately she yelled out, “OMG We HAVE to tell him!!” Later that day Mackenzie told Aaron that I liked him, and I saw that amazing smile that just lights up a room.

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Knowing that Aaron liked me and I liked him, the rest of 7th grade year we continued to grow our friendship and became closer than ever.

Danielle's Proposal in Atlantis Bahamas

Fast forward to an 8th-grade year…with no doubt the happiest day of my life, (until the proposal of course). My sweet Aaron asked me to be his girlfriend on September 15th, 2011. We have been dating for 7 years and 10 months. Being able to go through middle school, high school and now seniors in college with my soulmate have been amazing. This has been the best days of my life, and I am so thankful to have met such a sweet, caring, loving man that I get to spend FOREVER with.

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How They Asked

Aaron invited me to go on a trip to the Atlantis Resort, in Nassau Bahamas with him, and of course, I agreed to go! The routine each day of our trip was the same, waterpark in the morning and into the afternoon, and then dinner that evening. So the night of July 12th was no different, (or so I thought). That evening after showering, and fixing my hair, Aaron had told me he wanted me to wear my white and black romper (his favorite) because it matched his outfit for the night. I thought nothing of it. Around 7:00 that evening we began our nightly walk around the resort exploring all the beautiful landscaping, beaches, and marine life.

Aaron and I just continued to walk around the resort, when we eventually got to the beach that we had been swimming every day. We kept walking and actually passed a wedding reception that was going on that evening. I looked at Aaron and said, “Wow what I romantic place to get married.” We continued walking down the beach and eventually got to a private part of the beach, that ended up being a peninsula, which was just breathtaking. The view was beautiful, completely surrounded by water, white sand between our toes, and beautiful rocks adding such depth and dimension to the breathtaking view.

There was no one around, it was so beautiful and so romantic. I hugged Aaron and immediately knew what was happening because I could hear his heart beating so fast. I could tell he was so nervous, and it was so sweet. Aaron told me, ” I love you, Danielle, you are my absolute best friend, and I can’t imagine doing life without you. With that being said…” With those words, my sweet middle school sweetheart got down on one knee and said, “Danielle will you marry me?”

As soon as the words left his mouth tears of complete joy filled my eyes. Without hesitation, I said “Yes!” The ring was so beautiful, and I couldn’t believe that it was mine to keep forever. It was honestly the best day of my life and I keep replaying it in my mind.

Of course, after he asked me we began to take many selfies, and pictures of the beautiful ring. I knew there was no one around to take pictures, so selfies were just fine to represent the beautiful moment that had just transpired. BUT THEN, the sweetest girl, came up out of nowhere and asked, “Would yall like me to take your picture?” (She had no idea that he had just proposed). After a few pictures, I told her “Thank you so much for doing this, we actually just got engaged!” She was so happy for us and ended up doing a mini photoshoot for us! It was so perfect because we were able to get pictures (other than selfies) of our engagement! The pictures were beautiful, and Aaron and I were, are so thankful for her!

July 12th, 2019 was the best day of my life, and I can’t wait to marry my sweet Aaron.