Daniella and William

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How We Met

We met during move-in weekend as freshman at Rutgers University in August 2010.

I thought Bill was extremely funny, and he liked John Mayer which automatically made him a sensitive guy (duh). Most importantly, he looked exactly like my childhood crush: the actor who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. Bill thought I was different from every other girl he had met at Rutgers–I preferred reading her history textbooks rather than partying (nerdy but true) and knew Britney Spears’ whole discography (impressive and also true). We quickly became good friends. Bill actually originally asked me out a few weeks after meeting, but I was sure he was joking so I pretty much just laughed it off (awkward). By the spring semester, it was clear that liking each other more than friends was not in fact a joke…just in time for me to leave for 3 months for my summer job at UC Berkeley in California. To beat the distance, we video chatted daily (Bill would stay up 3 hours later just so he could say “good night!”) and both fell in love while we were 3,000 miles apart.

I returned home on August 14th, 2011, and no more than 24 hours later Bill made sure to take her on their first date at the Maplewood movie theatre to make things “official.”

how they asked

We live in Hoboken, right across the Hudson from Manhattan, so one Sunday morning, Bill told me we would spend the afternoon in Manhattan and go to a “nice dinner” (a hint to make sure I dressed especially well). Around 1 pm, he came to my apartment to pick me up–white as a ghost. One of my great qualities is that I take my sweet time leaving the house, so as I took my time, Bill got increasingly more nervous and fidgety. I started to think how strange he was acting–but this couldn’t be the day he was proposing. It just wasn’t.

As we walked toward the PATH station, Bill’s sister in law called to tell us her and Bill’s brother would be watching a football game at a restaurant by the water, so we should stop by. Bill agreed so we took the scenic detour by the water. As we walked on the pier, Bill said we should take a selfie but was extremely disappointed that a giant group of sorority girls were taking photos at the very spot he had planned to propose. I thought it was funny–and weird–how mad he was. We decided to sit on a bench facing the water instead–right next to a very pleasant couple fighting. Things were not going as planned and I started to get more and more suspicious of Bill’s unusual nervousness. Bill then led me to the other side of the pier, faced me, sighed and said “Daniella?”

I can’t tell you what happened next because all I know remember is crying, saying “of course!”, and looking down at the most beautiful solitaire I have ever seen on my finger.

The whole pier cheered–ESPECIALLY the sorority girls. And an amateur photographer even captured the moment out of pure luck. Bill then brought me to brunch where our family and friends were waiting to celebrate. It was the most perfect January day ever.

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