Daniella and Nate

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Florence, Italy

How We Met

Nate & Daniella met about five years ago when they were working for the same company in Baltimore, Maryland. Nate would tell you that Daniella couldn’t keep her eyes off of him (typical Nate, we all know the truth).

Nate worked pretty hard every day – not at doing actual work. Daniella who’s the first impression of Nate as a total meathead was hard to break. Nate made it very clear that one day his hard work would pay off & Daniella would agree to get lunch with him, and after that lunch, she’d be hooked forever.

One day his persistence finally paid off. Convinced that his confidence would be short-lived and she’d get a free lunch out of it, Daniella agreed to get lunch.

After that lunch, Daniella still thought he was a total meathead but it was apparent that they both really enjoyed spending time together.

How They Asked

On August 23rd 6 of us boarded a plane to Italy to attend, of all things – a wedding. We all were so excited to travel around Italy, seeing the sights and eating and drinking our way through.

We were a little more than half way through our trip when we arrived in Florence. I instantly fell in love with the Florence, the small trendy city with so much history was the favorite so far. Our first day there the guys and the girls split up. The girls wanted to shop and explore the scene and the guys went to check out some museums and churches.

By lunch time we reconvened at a very hip rooftop lounge to relax, sip some wine and cool off from the August heat. Nate who is usually very outgoing seemed to be a little quiet, but I just figured he was tired from all the traveling.

After lunch we all decided to do more sightseeing. We visited a museum & walked around some beautiful gardens (reminder that it’s about 90 degrees and the sun is BEATING). After we explored the gardens, we got to Fort Belvedere. Most recently it’s where Kim & Kanye got married, but historically it’s where Galileo did his astronomical observations. As if we hadn’t done enough walking around in the beating sun all day this fort was another UPHILL walk. I stood at the bottom of the entrance questing whether or not to stay and sit in the shade – luckily – YOLO & I powered through.

We get to the top of Fort Belvedere and the view of Florence is incredible – you can see everything. Sweating and tired we all took turns taking pictures of each other in front of this incredible backdrop.

As Nate and I start to walk towards each other to pose for a picture Nate is all of a sudden on one knee. In utter disbelief, my jaw pretty much drops to the floor, her best friend and dream guy is on one knee in the most beautiful city. Tears in my eyes – I said yes!

To my surprise literally EVERYONE we know knew this was going to happen for months. Nate’s sister Rachel was carrying around this ring through Italy waiting for Nate to find the right place. Shout out to you RACH! I immediately face timed my parents and cried some more.

We all spent the rest of the trip celebrating Nate & I and it was a trip we’ll never forget.

It was so far the best moment of my life and I cannot wait to marry him.

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