Daniella and Justin

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How We Met

We both were volunteering one Saturday when we got paired together. We spent the whole day together not thinking anything because we both did not want to date anyone at that moment. The guy who introduced us told me to invite Justin to a party I was throwing the following week. I thought Justin was cute but I didn’t know him enough to want to invite him. But the guy was very persistent about it so I did. To my surprise Justin showed up, but since he didn’t know anyone there we ended up talking and dancing together the whole night. We stay in touch and we kept talking for days but then when we noticed we both agree that we weren’t in a position to date so we waited for three years while we stayed friends. We both ended up becoming best friends and everyone could tell our feelings for each other so on September 29, 2015 he asked me to be his girlfriend!

how they asked

I love surprises but it’s so hard for people to surprise me because I always end up finding out. This time I thought I knew when he was going to propose. I kept getting hints about our trip to NJ and I thought for sure that he was going to propose then. Now the weekend of the 23rd came and I knew Justin was going away for the weekend with his friends. My friend had told me that she was a little down and that she needed a fun day.

Since I thought I was going to get propose the 30th I asked her if she was okay in getting our nails done and then doing whatever she wanted. The day before the 30th she asked me if we could do a city trip not thinking anything of it I agreed. Saturday came and we got our nails done (My sister, my friend Michelle and I). After that we drove to the city and left our car near Times Square. We walked all over and I was taking my time not thinking we needed to be somewhere at a certain time. Later on my sister and Michelle said that they wanted to go to Central Park while I didn’t want to because it was so hot that day.

We still went because my sister had never gone. While in Central park we kept looking for Bow Bridge and I started to get suspicious of everything but then brushed it off because I knew Justin was miles away. As we got closer to the bridge I saw this guy taking pictures but I did not recognize him, well it was actually Justin’s roommate disguised so I wouldn’t noticed he was taping everything. As I got closer to the bridge I saw Justin, I stopped so fast and I felt my eyes getting watery and tears started to come down. I couldn’t believe he was there. I kept walking towards him, when I noticed my whole family was there.

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He told me how much he loved me and how “you captivated my heart with a glance of your eyes” and he got in one knee and asked me to marry him. I could not say anything because I was still in shocked so I kept nodding my head like crazy. Right after my friends came, they had been hiding behind a rock so I wouldn’t see them. Then Justin told me when he got the text that I was on my way to the city he went to my house and picked out on outfit for me (he remembered my make up and heels too) so I could change and take pictures with him in our spot. I wanted to get surprise and I sure did :)

Image 3 of Daniella and Justin