Daniella and Hector

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How We Met

Hector and I met in high school. He was the handsome green-eyed Junior and I was the young impressionable freshman. My girl friends and I were hanging out in her dad’s garage one day, which was set up like a band studio. Her dad had all different types of instruments, and us girls were pretending to be the next Spice Girls of course. I was obviously Posh spice, and was playing the tambourine. One of my friends was dating Hector’s friend at the time, and his whole crew ended up showing up as we were singing along to “Spice Up Your Life.” At first I felt embarrassed as they approached the garage, but I decided to own the moment instead. I wanted to impress him with my confident tambourine and dancing skills. I am pretty sure it worked on him; however, his impression on me was not all too great.

We finished up our great performance, and we all sat down. The guys started to play around with the instruments. Hector came right over, and sat next to me. I asked him if he knew how to play anything, and he said he could play the guitar. I handed the guitar over to him, and asked him to play me a song. He responded confidently and asked if I had heard of the song “Pasame la Botella,” a Spanish song. He started to sing with guitar in hand.

His performance consisted of him singing off tune to a small phrase in the song followed by one loud strum on the guitar. He had absolutely no idea how to play the guitar, and much less sing. While I found this a little strange, I could not help but admire his confidence and sense of humor. He never failed to not make me laugh until my stomach hurt after that moment.

He went off to college in Boston, and I finished up High School. While I had another boyfriend at the time, he would always call me to wish me happy birthday, and always made sure to instant message me on MSN Messenger to make small talk about the latest songs.

He was great at keeping in touch, but we had never officially dated. Every summer when he would come home from college he always made sure to visit me at least once. Until one summer five and half years ago we spent almost every day together.

He was going to study abroad in Spain that fall semester, so I tried my best not to get my hopes up. I told myself it was just a summer fling over and over again. Despite the many miles apart and time difference that fall we kept in touch almost every day. That Christmas he came back from Spain, and asked me to be his girlfriend. The rest is history…or should I say the rest is my future.

how they asked

It was a typical Tuesday except for the fact that Hector and I had a dinner date planned at Dakotas, a nice steakhouse in Dallas. I told him I was in the mood for steak earlier that week. We typically treat ourselves to a nice dinner around the 6th of the month which is our anniversary. I clearly thought dinner was all my idea, but little did I know what the day would bring.

I got home from work, and to my luck my Nordstrom package had arrived with all my new clothes I had ordered the week before. I was so excited I decided to try them all on. In this package of marvelous clothes was a perfect Topshop white jumpsuit. I tried it on, and decided it would be my outfit for dinner despite the fact that it was incredibly long (I’m 5’ 1.5”). A little inward cuff and a few safety pins couldn’t hurt anyone ;).

Hector called me to tell me he was pulling up to my apartment, and asked if I was ready. For the first time in our dating relationship I was actually ready on time. I told him I would meet him downstairs. He got out of the car and opened the door for me as usual (he has always been such a gentlemen). When he went back around to his side to get into the car he asked me to help him put on his cuff links.

They happened to be the ones I had engraved his initials on a few Christmases ago. At first I was a little confused as to why he was wearing cuff links, but then I realized he was wearing a suit. Shortly after I tied his cuff links on. He pulled out a bandana and told me I was going to have to be blindfolded for a while.

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At this moment my heart literally jumped. I definitely knew what was happening, but was trying not to get my hopes too high. I was so nervous and could not stop shaking. I told him that people were going to think that he was kidnapping me. He laughed and told me nobody would think that because of the huge smile I had on my face. As he drove off I tried to use the skills I learned from Liam Neeson in the movie Taken. Right turn, Stop sign, noises of kids playing in the background…Where was he taking me?

I was trying to pay close attention to every move in order for me to figure out where he could be taking me. Once we arrived at the place, my skills had failed me. I had no idea where I was. He told me to wait in the car as I heard the door close. He came around and carefully helped my blindfolded self out of the car, and led me towards an uneven surface. I was wearing very high heals which did not make this very easy. I kept thinking about how my hair was getting flat with the bandana, and I was hoping I could take it off soon.

After a few steps he let go of my hands. Music started to play in the background as he began to read me the beautiful story of all the memories we had made together. I felt tears of happiness forming in my eyes as I was secretly hoping the bandana would hold my mascara in place. His words were so beautiful, and he ended with, “I cannot wait to see what new memories we can make together.” Once he was done he led me a few steps forward. He asked me to take off my blindfold.

There he was on one knee as he asked, “Will you marry me.” I was so happy I couldn’t even say the word, “Yes” until about thirty seconds after. To the right of me were these huge silver balloons that spelt out ‘MARRY ME?’ with small candles surrounding the bottom.

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We were in this gorgeous Japanese garden called Dragon Park. I could not believe my eyes. He had put this beautiful scene together. I remember thinking to myself how more perfect could this moment be.

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Then I could see my sister, Denisa, taking pictures a few feet in front of us. She was currently living with me, and I was so happy she was there to help capture the moment. I looked back at Hector and hugged him tightly. As I was hugging him, in the distance I saw my mom and dad. At this moment I completely lost it. My parents live eight and half hours away! I couldn’t believe they were there to witness this amazing moment. They came over to hug me, and they told me there was another surprise.

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My other sister was behind me the whole time taking pictures from another angle. My entire immediate family was there for this huge moment, and Hector made it all possible.

We all went to celebrate at dinner at Dakota’s, and I enjoyed my steak I had been craving. The best part of dinner was listening to the entire story of what went on behind the scenes in order to plan this beautiful night.

Hector and my sister Denisa did an amazing job planning. They some how figured out how to cancel my previous night’s dinner plans with my friend and her mom in order to make sure my nails were done without me even noticing (my best friend, Meagan, who I typically get my nails done with took me). He also managed to fly my parents in without me having any clue, and best of all he made sure there was a question mark at the end of the words MARRY ME.

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Apparently silver question marks do not exist in any balloon store in Dallas, so Hector turned a silver balloon S upside down, and figured out how to tie the end of it to make it look like a question mark. Not to mention he did this all on a Tuesday! It made everything more perfect, and I never suspected anything. I guess Drake made it a popular day of the week. You definitely can say we went up on a Tuesday.

Special Thanks

Denisa and Danika Lopez
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 | Topshop Jumpsuit