Daniella and Greg

How We Met: Greg and I met 4 years ago through mutual friends. After we got to talking it was actually funny it took so long to meet because there were points (for years) we hung out with the same people, but never at the same time! As fate had it, our paths eventually crossed, and at exactly the right time! We knew it was meant to be when everything designed to tear us apart at the get go never even phased us! Ever since the day we met it was a wrap, we hit it off and so our love story began for the next 1,528 days!

Image 1 of Daniella and Greg

Image 2 of Daniella and Greg

Image 3 of Daniella and Greg

how they asked: Sunday started off as a normal Sunday brunch, filled with Greg’s usual surprises and spontaneity. He told me what time to be ready, essentially picked out an outfit for me to wear, and the information stopped there. He drove to my house to pick me up and without a clue to where we were going he drove us down to the Long Island City Piers. (Which I’ve been asking to go to all summer, so he figured what better way to end the summer than finally going) Little did I know what was about to unfold…

He had never been down to the piers before or so I thought, apparently he took a trip down there one day while I was working and planned the exact place, angles, everything! We walked around holding hands, sat on benches, and talked about how beautiful the day was! He scheduled a brunch near the water, so eventually we made our way over and had a delicious meal (although, he definitely did not enjoy his meal as much as I did due to nerves)! After brunch we figured we’d go home to relax and enjoy the day locally, or at least that is what he led me to believe. Walking out he spotted the water and a whole other part of the park we hadn’t walked through yet.

As we walked down to the water there were dozens of beautiful roses in vases and a picture collage set up in between them. People were stopping and looking at the pictures, so I figured lets go take a look also. When we got close enough I realized it was pictures of us, in fact it was a collage I made for our first Valentine’s together. As I went to look at the pictures, he began to call my name and I saw his reflection in the picture frame getting down to one knee, the tears began to flow as I turned around. That is when my best friend and deepest love asked me to spend forever with him, and I said YES! The whole pier and park began cheering and screaming, along with our siblings hiding behind the trees and bushes!

Image 4 of Daniella and Greg

If that wasn’t enough surprises for my emotions to take, he had me believe that our families had no clue because he didn’t want anyone to spill! Which totally made sense to me, we stopped at his house to walk into our engagement party with 100 of our closest friends and family, of course the water works started again, this time I wasn’t the only one crying! It was the most perfect proposal and party, in fact I don’t think I could’ve dreamt anything half as good as he made my reality!