Daniella and Devindra

Image 1 of Daniella and Devindra

How We Met

“Where did I find you from?” This is our question, an inside joke, I’d ask him every time he did something foolish. The answer: “In your backyard!”

Devindra is a local Caribbean DJ and we’ve actually known each other for a few years before we started dating. He would always DJ for my family parties and truth be told, I always complained! Summer of 2015, Devindra was playing music for a family party and something just changed that day.

Image 2 of Daniella and Devindra

A mutual friend helped me exchange Instagram’s and fast forward a few weeks later he messaged me on Instagram asking if I can design a logo for him. One conversation led to another and we shortly realized we attended the same college, New York City College of Technology. Even funnier, there was one day a week that we realized we had class at the same time and place. This led to hanging out after class, taking the train home together, and realizing that we lived only 2 blocks away from each other the whole time!

Talk about coincidences, here we are five years later!

Image 3 of Daniella and Devindra

How They Asked

Devindra proposed to me on our 4 and half year anniversary, December 12th, 2020. Due to the Pandemic, we weren’t able to celebrate our 4-year anniversary date in April, so he made plans for us to celebrate instead in December. This was a little surprising to me because usually, I do all the planning. He had a friend drive us into Manhattan where we had dinner at Wolfgang Steakhouse. We then took an Uber to see the holiday display at the Vessel in Hudson Yards. I had begged him to take me all December long since the display was so beautiful.

Image 4 of Daniella and Devindra

We got to the Vessel and took a few pictures before I suggested we leave because it was getting crowded. Devindra instead kept insisting we stay and make the best of it since we were there. No matter how much I told him I wanted to leave he kept saying “let’s stay.” He finally agreed to leave after I take one last picture with him by one of the decorated hot air balloons. Me, annoyed, agreed to the picture, and as I was getting ready he went down on one knee and popped the question! A photographer was there snapping pictures and I was left speechless!

Image 5 of Daniella and Devindra

Yes! He proposed even after I was annoying! LOL!

Image 6 of Daniella and Devindra

We stayed in the area, to take engagement pictures with our photographer. As we were taking pictures the Photographer told us that his camera malfunctioned and we might have lost all of the pictures, including the proposal ones! So what did we do? We reenacted the entire thing, again & again & again (Third time’s the charm right?)

Our photographer thankfully was able to recover ALL of our photos!

Special Thanks

Mark Anthony
 | Photographer