Daniella and David

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How We Met

From Daniella: Truthfully we met on Facebook. I decided to add David because, of course, he caught my eye.. with little expectation of him accepting or talking to me. He surprisingly inboxed me and from then onwards we decided to talk everyday, messaging essays. The funny thing was that we never expected to meet anyone anytime soon. I was focusing on my carreer in the modelling world, David had just been accepted to be a performer in a show in America. But we decided to go on a first date. That went so well that we decided to continue dating and look where we are now, engaged.

From David: We decided to continue dating as the first date went so well, so well that I was introduced to her brother on the first date and to the entire family 2 days after and to the entire South American community in her area …. Dates continued and we couldn’t get enough of each other’s company. We were always looking for an excuse to be close to each other over a movie or merely to cuddle on a couch. We both loved taking photos and both were performers. We were into our fitness too at the time more than we are now. We were so happy with each other. A lot of people said we suited each other in all different ways. I couldn’t get enough of her company and her beautiful smile and her natural beauty, her caring nature, her uniqueness and goddess beauty just glowed from the inside and was shining through the outside every time I saw her. I needed to give her my whole heart and attention! For this to happen I must ask her to be my girlfriend and make it official, praise the lord she said yes. Hundreds of photos and weeks went past. I was travelling one hour every day to see my dream girl and so we decided to move into our own place together.
Not even a year passed together, and every day I see her or think of Daniella my life lights up and she brightens my day. She fulfills my heart just being with me and not even saying a word … my Queen, the Girl of my dreams.
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how they asked

From David: I decided to surprise Daniella with tickets to Paris. We decided to go there because Daniella has had an obsession with the Eiffel Tower for years – our house is full of portraits and Eiffel Tower things.

I decided I had to propose to her in front of her dream location. She had shown more than just normal qualities of a girlfriend, but more of a lover, soulmate, best friend, wife and mother! She captured my heart and so I had to show my love and propose to her. And she said “YES!”, making me the happiest man alive! Hand in hand we will walk this earth together, forever.

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From Daniella: David booked us a photoshoot at the Eiffel tower. So we got dressed up for this occasion. We were doing pictures in the perfect morning light after the rain and I didn’t expect anything else to happen. Then David left me for a second while our photographer – Daria – was taking some of my portraits. Next time I turned around and walked down a few steps to join David, I saw rose pedals on the floor spelling “Will you marry me?” and David took my hand and started telling me that it was for me. He promised to love and cherish me for all eternity, through sickness and health, for the good and the tough. All the people around were applauding and smiling. The proposal was amazing – so romantic and such a surprise for me! It was simply gorgeous and then it all happened it was so beautiful!

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Special Thanks

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 | Photography and organisation
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