Daniella and Addison

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How We Met

I remember our first kiss. It was 2008, we were freshmen in college living across the hall from each other. He had become the boy I loved to call my best friend but was secretly falling in love with.

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We were sitting outside the dorms, and I was crying over something silly (college, right?), and he just leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I was surprised, and it got me to stop crying. I asked him “why did you do that?”, and he replied “because I don’t want you to be sad”. Two years later we started dating.

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how they asked

This past August I got the phone call from my sister I had been waiting for. She was engaged to the love of her life. The tears fell, the screams happened, and I couldn’t wait to be by her side to celebrate. My dad planned a dinner for the family in NYC for the first weekend in October. Addison and I flew out from Tampa and into the city. What a perfect weekend it was. The hint of my favorite season, Fall, was in the air. The crisp weather, with the giddiness of my sister’s engagement made the weekend magical. Before dinner on Saturday night we decided to do what we always do together, get our hair done, and nails done. I wanted my sister to feel her best for her celebration that night.

I will always remember the feeling of looking at her with such a full heart, being utterly happy that we were celebrating such a big moment in her life. My dad, Addison and I left the hotel to go pickup Gina & Dustin and head to Central Park. The plan was to walk through the park, take some pictures, and grab drinks at the Boathouse before going to dinner. As we came up to Bow Bridge Addison pulled me to the side so we could take a picture with the city in the background. I agreed, but wanted to get it done quickly so I could go back to celebrating with my sister! He helped me step over the fence, with the bridge in the background, the city in the background, he handed his phone to a stranger to take our picture. After she took the picture I started to walk away, that’s when Addison pulled me back, fell to one knee, and my whole world stopped.

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The love of my life was asking me to be his wife. That amazing boy who I loved so tremendously in college, and fall more in love with each year, and each day we are together, was asking me to be with him for the rest of our lives.

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As I composed myself and looked around I slowly started to see it all come into focus. His mom from Oklahoma was standing there, his parents from Tampa, my mom & stepdad from NJ, my dad from California and of course my sister and brother-in-law. This entire weekend was planned for me. Addison had been planning for months. In June he bought the ring, in July he asked all the people that mean everything to me for my hand in marriage, and in October it all came together. Somehow, someway he got our family from all parts of the country to fly in and be part of it. Little did I know all day our family was in the same city as us. That stranger who took the picture of us, well she was a photographer he hired. I still replay all the conversations with my family throughout those months, all the details Addison went through to make sure it was perfect. I can’t believe he pulled it off so seamlessly, and in a way he knew I would love. On March 17, 2018 we will say I do, on the same day we will be celebrating 8 years of dating.

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