Daniela and Rafael

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How We Met

We met through social media. His cousin and I were both studying same masters degree, so she was our cupid. After a couple of weeks occasionally over the phone we decided to do the “first date” thing. I believe neither of us was expecting it but just like in movies, as we were having a great time, it just took that first date to realize we both felt we had known each other for a very long time! That “Where have you been all my life?! ” feeling. So much in common… It truly was meant to be and love at first sight.

how they asked

After two years of relationship, my now fiance decided to officially meet in person my dad and older sisters; they live in Florida. Little did I know they all knew and had helped him plan this trip for the engagement moment! Excited, I called my mom to ask her if she could take us to the airport. She couldn’t because was “very busy” at the time. Reality was she was already at Florida waiting for us! We arranged meeting up at a restaurant at Downtown Disney. The restaurant had a really nice attraction which was a convertible car/boat ride for two around the lake.

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Most restaurants in the same area have balconies towards this lake and, before dinner, he asked me to take this ride with him. So romantic! As we started the ride I noticed a lot of people at the balconies waving at us…and my fiancé was very nervous. This obviously felt strange but I told him to relax and just enjoy the moment (ha!). As we where approaching starting point, this other boat riders passing us by yelled “Congratulations Daniela!”.

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I did not understand but when I looked a little further ahead I saw my entire family (and a big crowd) waiting for us, holding a big banner (designed by my best friend), that wrote my name, asking me to marry him. He popped the question in the most special way: making the people closest to my heart part of every detail.

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