Daniela and Nicholas

How We Met

Nick and I are are both Italian. Our grandparents and parents immigrated here from Italy and happened to move on the same block in Long Island City in Queens. Our parents and families knew each other growing up. When I was 22 and graduated college my sister told me there was a boy down the block I needed to meet. I was moving home from Massachusetts to live in her basement apartment, starting my first job in the city and I had a boyfriend. He was moving to NYC a free college to be with me and pursue his master’s. We showed up to my sisters block party that summer after we graduated and when I had a moment to myself my sister quickly introduced me to Nick. I thought he was cocky and dismissed him. No way would I ever give that guy a shot or talk to him. Little did I know – we’d quickly grow to be friends and I’d break up with my college boyfriend 3 months later. It took Nick and I a long time to admit our feelings – to go on dates – over a year to admit we loved each other. The truth is though, from the moment we became friends a beautiful love story was starting.

We waited a long time to admit we were dating and over two years for me to actually call him my boyfriend. We took things very slow but at the same time we were inseparable and spent every minute we could together. I love how we started because it gave me so much time to know him – it was real and I knew him as my friend first. I was 22 when we started dating and even when I think back to how young I was – I think back to how sweet it all was. I moved in with Nick after almost 3 years of being together – gaining a dog, moving into the city, new jobs – and I’ll admit like all relationships we had our ups and downs but I loved our little love story and that he was that Italian guy from down the block I never even wanted to give a chance.

how they asked

Fast forward to our 5 year anniversary, multiple apartments later, a new car, maturity- Nick takes me to Poughkeepsie somewhere I always wanted to go and ride a hot air balloon.

I think everyone I knew was engaged or married or having a baby and I kept thinking WHEN is this going to happen?! And then he took me on that magical hot air balloon ride and he got down on one knee in that tiny basket with our pilot names Bill silently watching and he asked me to marry him. I have no idea what he said to me in that little speech because I couldn’t stop crying and his face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. But In that moment – all the craziness of our five years together made perfect sense. And it will never actually be perfect… but it’s perfect for me and I can’t wait to marry the love of my life – I can’t imagine this world with anyone else by my side.

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