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How We Met

We met in November 2009. We were both pledging for our fraternity and sorority. We had an event together and when Miguel walked in to the room (he was a tad bit late) I turned over to my pledge sister Amelia and called “dibs” on him. I knew from that day that I found the guy that I would fall in love and get married to. It took Miguel two weeks to finally send me a Facebook comment “Hi!” and from then we did couldn’t stop talking with one another. We went on two first dates. Our first, first date was at our Greek Presentations. He was my secret date because we weren’t allowed to have date to the dance. We didn’t get to see each other until later in the night but that night we were inseparable and decided that we would go on another date soon. Our second, first date was only a few days later and it all started out weird. Miguel was late to pick me up at school. I honestly thought I was getting stood up. When he finally arrived we went to our local movie theatre. Once we arrived there, his pledge brother called him to tell him that he left his keys in his car and he needed them right away. We had to get back in the car and drive back to campus to drop them off, but once we arrived his pledge brother was not even there! We finally made it back to the movies but ended up seeing a movie that we didn’t want to see, The Blind Side. This became one of our favorite movies. We went back to campus after the movies but ended up staying in the car talking until 3am Thanksgiving morning. We talked about our fraternity and sorority, school, families and friends. He ended up asking me to be his girlfriend at 3am and we have been together ever since.

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It was June 10 and it was my graduation day from my Master’s Degree. I planned my graduation party Disney theme. My family and friends attended my graduation party, friends that I haven’t seen in years and family that I am very close to came. Miguel’s family finally arrived around 6pm and Miguel asked for everyone to gather so that he can make a speech. He told everyone how proud he was of me and how he was glad that everyone was able to make it to the party. We cheered and then my dad shouted that he forgot one thing. Miguel got down on one knee and asked me to Marry him. He told me that my ring was my moms. We ended our night with celebration with our family and friends!

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