Daniela and Matthew

How We Met

How we met is kind of weird. We went to middle school together, we knew the same people we hang out with the same people we never talked and one random night we both decided to get on myspace at the same exact time in high school and we reconnected. That one night change my life. I’ve always told Matthew we met at the right time in our lives we talked at the right time in our lives and we found love at the right time of our lives.

We are definitely no fairytale no crazy love story I believe that we were two people who were just trying to survive teenage life and who were bored one late night lol and one login got us a lifetime together and I will forever cherish that moment logging into myspace and reconnecting with somebody I never truly knew or let alone had the courage to talk to. That might lead to a 9year relationship. Matthew is someone who truly amazes me every day at the age of 18 I found the love of my life I don’t know how many people are lucky like me to say someone was definitely placed on this earth to truly bless their life early.

How They Asked

Matthew asked me at Disneyland California Adventure on April 20, 2019. I never saw it coming and that’s the best thing about it lol Matthew didn’t seem nervous or suspicious that day so I was definitely SURPRISED!. He walked me to the Ferris wheel said some really touching things went on one knee and asked! What made this moment even more touching was once I said yes he turned me around and I see my parents and his. To see them truly brought more tears because at that moment approval to be part of the Andrade family was 100% and the love and support my parents gave that day truly touched my heart. It’s hard to not hear noises at Disneyland but that one moment of him asking me all I heard was his voice my heartbeat and all I felt was pure happiness and of course a lot of jitters lol Matthew you made me the happiest person at Disneyland that day that place will forever be our place and forever truly be a place where dreams do come true!

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