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How We Met

It was 5 years ago, I was on a trip with 7 of my girlfriends, we decided to get away from the books and work for a week and make our way to Veradero, Cuba! Our trip was coming to an end and we decided to make our second last night extremely fun and ended up at a club called “La Rumba”. We we’re enjoying the dancing, the drinks, and the atmosphere when I noticed this tall, stalky, handsome guy across the room. I decided to be gutsy and make my way closer to him and as I was getting closer he smiled at me and I smiled back, it was then i noticed he had blue eyes and I was sold. I wanted to talk to him, so I made my way closer and pushed into him so either him or I had to say hello. He said “Hey””…my plan worked, and we began talking in the extremely loud and sweaty club. I found out that he was from Toronto, he was 27, and he was taking his undergrad while working. He found out that I was 21, just finishing school, and thinking about moving back to Toronto. He seemed so kind and he had a great smile and an even better laugh and we seemed to have a lot in common. It was his second night in on vacation and my vacation was coming to an end, my girlfriends we’re wanting to leave the club, it was getting late… It was then we kissed goodnight and a friend of his lucky enough had their cell phone with them and we exchanged information and it was then where I couldn’t wait until we talked next.

My girlfriends and I the next day we’re spending our last few hours on the beach before we made our way home and I distinctly remember looking at them all and telling them “I’m going to marry that guy”, they laughed at me but something in me totally knew that I met my soulmate.

A week went by and I finally heard from John on Facebook, I then found out that I was not moving back to Toronto that I was staying in Guelph. We both had extremely busy lives but we kept in touch, whether it was Facebook or texting, we kind of always knew at some point and time things would work out and we would be together.

Exactly 1 year to the day we met in Cuba, a job opportunity in Toronto came up and I found myself moving for this position. The day I had to sign my papers for this job I decided why not call John and meet up for a coffee and catch up, it’s only been for what seemed like forever since we’ve seen each other last! So we did, I signed my papers to this new fabulous job and John was their to pick me up and bring me on our first official date for gelato, as soon as I jumped in the car and he handed me a bouquet of flowers I knew in my heart that I picked my soulmate….and we’ve been together ever since!

how they asked

We we’re on a trip in Curacao for John’s birthday at the end of April of this year, as soon as we got home from our amazing vacation I booked our next destination, which is my favourite place in the Universe….NEW YORK CITY!

I planned New York for August 21-25 of this year 4 days of shopping, eating, and exploring what I think is the happiest place on earth. John is fully aware of my love affair with New York City and he does not consider it a “vacation” more like a weekend getaway with the amount of things we try to pack into our trips there. Little did I know, this would be the trip to top all trips and be more of a reason why I love New York City as much as I do.

John is the best and I mean THE BEST at keeping secrets, so I knew I would never ever know when I would be getting proposed to. John and I for the past year have been extensively talking about the next steps in our relationship, marriage, kids, etc. We started looking for rings about 6 months ago, and by started I mean, I tried on 3 rings and John said thats It and that was the end of that. Little did I know that John had surprises up his sleeve and plans already made….

3 months before our trip to NYC, John contacted Joe Vissichelli who is a caricature artist in NYC and had the plans in motion. August 21st came quickly, I was so excited about this trip that I couldn’t possibly think of anything else and I’m a planner, so I really had no idea what was going on in the background and what John could have planned which worked out in John’s favour. The morning of our trip as I was upstairs getting ready, John sat his parents down and his sister and let them know exactly what the plans we’re for this weekend, John did not say anything to my parents because my parents and I are extremely close and we are not the best secret keepers and he wanted absolutely no way of me finding out.

We finally make our way to the Toronto Pearson Airport, get on the plane and touch down in New York City. I get so excited when we are in New York, I truly end up like a child. We jump in our car that was waiting for us at La Guardia and make our way down to Manhattan from The Bronx and to the Viceroy Hotel which is completely stunning and all things fantastic! We get unpacked and decide to make our way out of the hotel for a late lunch and to reunite ourselves with the hustle and bustle that is NYC. The first mini pit-stop on this trip that I make is at a store that was 5 min away “Smythson” which has fantastic leather-goods and I find this adorable small white wedding planner and I make a comment “well when we get engaged Im buying this!” John just smiled and laughed and we made our way out of the store. When we are in NYC everything always seems like a whirl-wind because we are doing so much, the next day we went to Brooklyn and ate ourselves into a food-coma, we than came back to Manhattan to do some shopping and sight-seeing and than back to the hotel. Sunday quickly rolled in, August 23, 2015 to be exact and John planned that morning that we would go to Central Park which happens to be his favourite place, I’m not complaining it’s one of mine too! He wanted to pick up some art, get a caricature done, and enjoy the scenery, I didn’t think anything of it because this is very much John’s personality, laid back and easy.

Little did I know that he had tricks up his sleeve, we decided to go for breakfast that morning at a small diner and then walk around, I knew that he wanted to spend a lot of time in Central Park, So I was not sure why we were walking up and down a side street, but he explained that he wanted to check out the homes around central park, to his saving grace I spotted a Lululemon and decided let’s see what they have. While this is happening and I had no idea that this was happening is John was Liasing with Joe the caricature artist, he was running late and was able to meet us at 1:00 in central park at the fountain, which was why John was stalling our Central Park time.

We finally started making our way to Central Park, up and down the hills and through the beautiful architecture that is Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. John took out his selfie-stick and started taking photos of us in the Terrace and at the fountain. We got the fountain and I decided to sit on the edge and John was busy taking photos of me and our surroundings. A man walked up to John and asked if we would like our caricature done, John of course said yes and he came up an introduced himself to me as Joe and explained that he was going to draw us. He made small talk through out and John and I were telling him where we were from and what we do and laughing because John asked that he give him more hair… Joe explained that he was almost done. John turned to me and said, “Daniela it’s 10 bucks do you mind getting that out of your purse” I quickly went to my purse bent down and shuffled around for money then realizing…John has the cash, I turn to John and Said ” you have the cash” he’s like “oh yeah I do” as he was doing that John was going into his bag and Joe was coming up to me with the picture.

The picture that was already drawn, coloured, and it was John in a suit with a ring box and me in a blush wedding dress and in the upper left corned it said “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”, as I realized what was going on… John was on one knee with the most beautiful ring and we had an audience and I immediately went to crying and he just looked at me and said “yes?”, and I jumped up and hugged him and said YES!! .

It was magical… people will all around us clapping and this lovely lady came up to us after we we’re done hugging and on to hugging Joe our artist, she explained “I have pictures of the whole thing an can I email them to you!”…this lady was a stranger and decided to take pictures of us, we are forever grateful for this woman and for taking photos of what will be one of the best days in our lives!

I left New York City with a couple purchases, one being that Smythson wedding planner and my newest accessory my FIANCE!

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