Daniela and Herbert

Image 1 of Daniela and Herbert

How We Met

We met 6 years ago in a party, we were close friends for 3 years we started seeing each other once a month, then once a week and suddenly we were seeing each other everyday, we discovered that everything we wanted and all our plans matched perfectly, we have very different personalities, being together brings the best of the other, we are always challenging ourselves to be better persons and that has helped us to grow. We sometimes discuss but at the end we always find a solution and construct a stronger relationship. I can’t see my future with another person.

How They Asked

After 3 years of being together we had to separate due to a job offer that I got in another country, he was super supportive and he encouraged me to take it, after of 2 months of being apart he invited me to Disney in florida with some other friends, we were the whole day in the park doing rolling coasters, we were supposed to be leaving the park when the parade was just going to start, we were in front of Disney’s castle we stopped for taking some pictures and suddenly he played as if we were going to dance and he got on his knee and pulled the most beautiful ring out of his jeans.