Daniela and Gustavo

How We Met

Gus and I have known each other for almost 13 years, but we have 11 of being best friends and 7 years dating. We met in 2005 in high school, but ours was not a love at first sight, in fact, at first glance, we did not like each other, but since we were in the same classroom and sometimes we had to work in teams, we started talking. During the next months, we began to talk more, and as in that time, each one had a relationship, we even went on double dates.


Over time we discovered that we had a lot in common and that we enjoyed the company, support and the confidence that we had for each other. We became best friends. Over the years, each one ended up with their respective partner for different reasons, and as they were very long relationships, we decided to focus on our friendship, before looking for someone else. However, life had other plans prepared for us, because we realized that we didn’t need to search with anyone else, what we already had among us. On July 27, 2011, Gus asked me to be his girlfriend, and that’s how the most beautiful story of my life began.



how they asked

I love photos, because I think it’s the best way to portray every stage of your life, and to remember the moments lived. My boyfriend is not a fan, in fact he is a little bit shy, but he knows how that is important for me. Since I enjoy doing photos, I have made a couple collaborations to model for some local photographers. Last Sunday (January 21st), I met with one in a local park in my city to do an individual photoshoot outdoors. My boyfriend dropped me by, and said he will pick me up later so we can go and have dinner. After 40 minutes of photos, in the middle of one shot, the photographer asks me to turn around so he can photograph me from another angle, when I turn around, I see my boyfriend kneeled down in front of me, with a ring in his hands and asking me if I want to marry him! At first I cannot believe what I see, so I start looking around hoping that someone can tell me what’s going on?

Then, I walk towards my boyfriend, and I take my hands to my face, cause I’m still in shock. When I react, the look in his eyes makes me realize that this it’s not a dream, this is really happening! A mix of emotions go through my mind, but all I want to do is walk towards him, to tell him yes! forever yes! and hug him really tight. As soon as we hug, I can’t hold it anymore, and I start crying, he puts the ring on my finger and people start clapping. At that moment we realize that all this time people were looking at us, and the photographer was capturing each one of this precious moments. What I definitely loved the most, is that he planned everything so perfect for me, letting his embarrassment aside and making sure we’d able to keep the best day of our lives forever portrayed.

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