Daniela and Esteban

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How We Met

I feel how we met was very simple but some may say it was a crazy way. We met in an online dating app. It was very unexpected because I was just testing it out. I never thought I would find my future husband there. Our first date was the best. We started off by going to a frozen yogurt shop. Then we went to the movies. After that we had dinner, sushi (my favorite lol). And at the end we went bowling. Everything was perfect. He was very respectful (not like other guys) and we connected very well. It took me a while to figure out he was the one but I should have known from the beginning. He was perfect! And still is.

how they asked

We had decided to spend our 2 year anniversary at Disneyland. A few weeks back we had been there and my favorite ride, the alice in wonderland tea cups were not open. I was sad and he said “it’s ok, we’ll get on it on our anniversary and it will be te best ride ever”. Little did I know that he would be proposing to me on my favorite purple tea cup. He was acting like he was very annoyed that day because every time I tried to take a picture he wouldn’t let me, he would tell me to wait. Turns out he was annoyed because his sister wasn’t there and she was the one that was gonna take video and pictures of the moment. At the end it turned out perfect. The cast member knew all along and announced it on the mic and everyone congratulated us. I was in shock until I see my sister in law I started to cry and that’s when it felt real. It’s wasn’t a dream. I say a dream because I remember saying that the first guy to take me to Disneyland I was gonna marry and he would propose there. I’m so happy that dream became a reality and I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal.

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