Daniela and Dave

Daniela's Proposal in Whistler BC

How We Met

Dave and I met 9 years ago in Vancouver BC at a bar. We dated officially for a year before work took me abroad. I was in and out of Vancouver for years, while pursuing my career as a performer. Although Dave and I did not officially stay together, our hearts would somehow found their way back to eachother. Sometimes we would go for months without speaking, but the universe would find a way of connecting us over the years.

My mom would always say “all roads lead to Dave” and she was right. After I transitioned from a dancing and modeling career into a SoulCycle instructor, Dave came to visit me in New York City where I was living at the time. We decided to commit to long distance, and as luck would have it, SoulCycle announced they would be opening in Canada!

We did long distance for years before I finally had the amazing opportunity to come back to my hometown of Vancouver BC and live with the man of my dreams!

How They Asked

This past weekend, we headed up to Whistler for what I believed was a modeling job. Complete with contracts, model release forms, agency hair, and makeup artist, I never suspected anything was strange! While up the side of a mountain, our photographer had us face our backs to together.

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Daniela and Dave's Engagement in Whistler BC

When she asked me to turn around there was Dave, down on one knee with a stunning ring in his hand! I have never cried so hard and felt so much joy, I almost fell over! After he proposed, we took the gondola down the side of the mountain and popped champagne that he had hidden in a bag. We ended the most romantic day of my life with a beautiful stay at the Fairmont Chateau in the heart of Whistler village.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Whistler BC
Turns out my mom was right, all roads really do lead to Dave!

Special Thanks

Alaina Hase
 | Photographer