Daniela and Adrian

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How We Met

Daniela is a beautiful venezuelan woman that due to the difficult situation that was taking place into her country decided to move to Malaga, Spain 10 years ago with the entire family for a new and hopeful beginning.

She was a dancer lover but unfortunately after having a serious injury on her knee, and as part of recovery, she had to swim few times per week at the Malaga University´s pool where I met her.

Me, just a normal guy focusing on sports but also looking for my soulmate with whom living adventures.

I have to admit I was a bit shy by then and crazily decided to kick her while swimming as a way to talk to her and introduce myself. I apologized effusively and apparently she loved my concerned about what just happened.

It was only necessary a swimming pool, true love, hope and the desire to enjoy live in order to light the flame of love.

That day started the best love story ever lived.

how they asked

Daniela´s father run the New York City Marathon 15 years ago, and having in mind he is currently 75 years old, we wanted to honor him by running it too.

It was a long and hard year since we decided to run it. Endless trainings and many sacrifices in order to get ready for such a huge challenge.

I was completly sure there is no better proposal than the NYC marathon´s finish line. Not only for the tribute to her father but also because of the fact of finishing a marathon together, the first one and dropped to one knee in Central Park! It would be unbeatable!

November 5th, as soon we woke up, we already knew it was not a random day, but she could not expect how good will finally be.

The race of a life time started to the rhythm of Frank Sinatra and his famous “New York, New York”.

That day we learned both sides of this beautiful sport. People cheering in spite of the cold rain it made us smile no matter how hard it was.

It probably was the hardest experience in our lives. Endless, painful, challenging but also reachable, perfect and beautiful.

Those 42km showed me that we can reach anything we propose if we face it together and that is why I did it, dropped to one knee, asked to marry me. Eternally grateful and blessed.

We did not only got engaged, we gave each other our time and we did it FOREVER.

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