Daniel and Emily

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how we met

He’s type A. I’m type B. He’s modest. I’m unashamed. He has a mouth like a Hallmark card and I have the mouth of a sailor. Daniel is a very patient man and I have a fine trigger temper. I like to go BIG and he likes to go home. He’s a steak and potato kind of guy and I’m a sucker for sushi. We don’t even like the same football team.

Soooo… What in the world is our foundation built on?? We enjoy playing video games with what little free time we have together. We enjoy watching the St. Louis Cardinals play baseball. We’re both competitive and enjoy bantering each other after a CrossFit workout. We definitely love going to the shooting range together. But all that is superficial stuff. That changes over time like leaves in the fall. The unchanging bedrock of our relationship is that we share the same morals and values in a friendship with each other. Simple as that.

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Our story began as a blind date at Double Dogs in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We can thank our mutual friend, Vallaree for seeing our future potential together. I’m relieved she did because I didn’t see the potential after the first date. He definitely didn’t see our potential after date two. I protested,”He barely talks!” While he said, “She talked too much and I barely got a word in.” Vallaree gave Daniel a pep talk and she just shoved me out the door for date numero three. Third time’s the charm, right? Right!

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We uprooted from Bowling Green, Kentucky and moved to Evansville, Indiana for Daniel to finish the last two years of Physical Therapy school. We uprooted….again, and moved to good ol’ Rocky Top, where we can finally watch our roots flourish in Knoxville, Tennessee. When we moved from Evansville, Indiana to Knoxville, we made a huge “summer to do” list together. We wanted to take our kayaks on the Tennessee River, go hiking in search of waterfalls and camp the weekend away. I wanted us to go fly-fishing, white water rafting, and a outdoor shooting range. Well, the summer of 2014 was the year of no play and all adult. We didn’t accomplish any of our summer to do list. Daniel was engulfed as a new grad physical therapist and I had my nose stuck in a book studying physics principles. As summer of 2015 rolled past us, it looked like our summer to do list was getting pushed further into the corner and accumulating dust. Daniel and his team were breaking clinic records and I was breaking my back with piles of physics homework.

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how they asked

In August 2015, we finally had enough and needed a break from being adults. Daniel mentioned he wanted us to go camping and check out Cummings Falls in Cookeville, TN. With the stress of working full time and being a full time student, I was relieved he was planning our trip to Cookeville. He planned to get the firewood, tent, camping gear, and food for the weekend. On August 15, it rained ALL morning while he was at work. It wasn’t even a trickle of rain. It was a “tsunami” downpour all across middle Tennessee and specifically over Cookeville. I was bummed out. Daniel was working a Saturday clinic and I texted that I didn’t want to go camping. When he got home, he sat in his Jeep for an unusually long amount of time. He walked through the door with a selfish-selfie stick. I have the reach of a T-rex and I’ve always wanted a selfish-selfie stick! The down pour of rain continued as we brainstormed a contingency plan for our weekend. As Daniel suggested to go camping at other state park locations, I shot down every idea Daniel put on the table. I suggested to catch a movie matinee, and he was eager to finally get out of the house.

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After watching, “Jurassic World” the rain stopped and the sun was beaming. I heard him mutter, “…we still could have gone a camping trip.” By the time we arrived home, I had two choices: study physics or take a nap. Daniel reassured me that a nap would be in my benefit and that I would be refreshed to study the rest of the night.

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I was startled out of my mid-afternoon nap to the bedroom door being slammed and Daniel yelling, “EMILY! DINNER IS READY!” Rage ran through my veins wondering why on Earth would he be so rude? I yanked the bedroom door open and I saw a lane of tea candles leading to the kitchen and at the end was Daniel bended on his right knee. I didn’t have my glasses on and everything was a little blurry. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and like a light switch, my anger turned into pure joy and happiness.

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Reflecting on the prior events, it all made sense. He planned the elaborate camping trip. After work, he sat in the Jeep talking to his best friend trying to think of contingency plans. He suggested other places to go camping so he could propose. He steered me to take a nap to give him more time fixed the botched engagement plan. After batting a thousand, he hit a home run and made us dinner. To celebrate our engagement, we topped it of with Moët Rosé Imperial and video games.

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