Daniel and Welri

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How We Met

I was a young engineering student wandering the halls in search of the electronics laboratory. I noticed a girl wandering around who looked as lost as I was. I asked her if she was also looking for the lab and we strolled through the halls together looking for the lab. When we finally found we were stopped because she was drinking a coke and no liquids were allowed inside. She looked at me and offered me the rest. I gladly accepted.

How They Asked

We discussed going on a hike together up the nearby mountain but never set a date. I secretly had the ring made and as soon as I got it I brought up the hike again and we set a date. I hid champagne in my sleeping bag and packed a small tent her parents gave us (they honeymooned in the tent many years ago). We set out in the early afternoon and just barely made it up by sunset. We set up the tent together and I suggested we go look at the sunset. I propped my phone up against a few rocks without her noticing to capture the moment. As the sun was setting I distracted her by pointing at something in the distance and pulled out the ring, took a knee, and asked. She said yes!