Taylor and Daniel

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How We Met

I met Dan at a Halloween Party for a mutual friend. His brother, who I played co-ed soccer with, introduced us. That night Dan asked me out, but I was fresh off a break up and chose not to go out with him. Six months later, at our first Spring soccer game, Dan shows up to play on our team. Needless to say, I was incredibly embarrassed and afraid Dan would ignore me. Instead, he made a point to say hello and talk to me during the games. By the end of the season, I was definitely crushing on him. The feeling was mutual because he asked one of my friends what type of movies I was interested in, discovering I was a big Marvel Comic fan, he decided to invite me the release of Iron Man 3. We were texting and he mentioned he wanted to see the movie but not of his friends were interested (little did I know he never actually asked anyone else to go with him). I took the bait and met him for dinner and movie. The rest is history.

how they asked

We had long standing plans to attend a formal Christmas party last Friday. My sister, her husband, and our best friends were all meeting us at my family’s house in Frederick, MD, to car pool to the party together. My friend, mentioned that she wanted to take photos by the Canal that is located in Downtown Frederick. So, in 15 degree weather, we all walked to the canal before dinner to take pictures. First our friends took a photo and then Dan suggested we take a photo. I was not super interested because it was freezing and at first rebuffed his suggestion. He insisted, so we took a picture. Then dan turns to get down on one knee (background Dan is a big jokester and has “pretended” to get down on knee to propose in the past during photos but instead ties his shoe), so me, thinking he is joking again, playfully slap his face and tell him to get up and stop messing with me. Sure enough, he did not stand up. Instead, he pulls a ring box out of his suit jacket. In shock from my slap, he forgot what he wanted to say but managed to get out “will you marry me?” I said YES! within a storm of “I can’t believe this, are you serious?, is this real? are you kidding?” Afterwards, we went to dinner reservations that he had made for us, which were under my name as Taylor Swing (future last name). His parents, my parents, and my best friend were waiting there to surprise me. PS: he made sure my nails were done the day before by having by friend trick me into getting a manicure that morningImage 2 of Taylor and Daniel

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