Sarah and Daniel


How We Met

Danny and I met in 6th grade.  Danny asked one of my friends to ask me to the first school dance with him.  We “went out” off and on throughout middle school, and then went our separate ways for awhile.  Junior year (February 2nd, 2008) we started dating again (for real this time) and we’ve been together ever since.

I went away for college in Western Massachusetts for freshmen year, but I couldn’t stand being 6 hours away from Danny (in college in Western Maine), so I transferred to the same University.  When college was ending, we decided to make the move from Maine to Sacramento, CA for Danny to go to law school in California and for me to start my career.  After 2 years, Danny was accepted to Harvard Law School and we decided to move back East to Cambridge, MA this past June.

how they asked

In December 2014, Danny and I were still living in California and we made our annual trip home to Maine for Christmas.  I have always loved Christmas and he has been at my family’s Christmas Eve celebration for the past few years.  After going to church, Danny had coordinated with my Dad to have Santa (Santa stops by my Grandparents house every year and gives everyone a gift) to have the gift box containing the ring in his Santa bag.

Santa arrived and everyone received 1 gift, but I received 2.  However, the box that the ring was in was really big (which threw me off). I opened the 1st gift with everyone else, and then everyone was slowly taking out cameras when I went to open the large box.  I unwrapped the box to find another wrapped box inside it, and then another, and then another…  About 5 boxes in, I got down to a box not much larger than a ring box and I started to cry.  Danny shifted to get down on one knee and I opened the ring box.  Danny asked me to marry him and a very emotional (happy) me said yes!  Only my Dad and Danny’s mom knew about the proposal, so the rest of my family was happily surprised.  It was the absolute best Christmas of my life, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.







Special Thanks

Magdalena Niziol
Engagement Photographer