Daniel and Samantha

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How We Met

I first met Daniel freshman year at Brick Memorial High School. With last names like Arillo and Burke, we were always alphabetically seated next to each other in school. It didn’t take long for us to hit it off. Soon, Daniel would be playing footsies under the desk, or pulling those “fly-away” hairs on my head. We always had a playful relationship, and we identified ourselves as best friends. Sophomore year rolled around and Daniel took a chance on exiting the “friend zone.” Unfortunately, that bout at boyfriend and girlfriend didn’t last long, and we remained close friends. We always had a special relationship and it had a strong foundation – I knew I could tell him anything. Then, senior year rolls around. Priding himself on never quitting, Daniel was afforded another chance at leaving the friend zone. This time, he was successful. On April 19, 2008, Daniel planned a day in the city filledmwith shopping and a romantic dinner at Tao Restaurant. Three days later, they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Eight and a half years later, Daniel popped the question.

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how they asked

10/20/16: Two days before the proposal… We were finalizing plans for their weekend trip to Killington, Vermont. The original plan was to go hiking and “leaf peeping.” Unfortunately, it was forecasted to rain the entire time. Daniel admits he is disappointed in not going hiking, for it was our plan all along. He adds, “It’s not just about the hike. I was going to ask you a very important question at the top of the mountain.” (Yes, can you actually believe he said that?!) Naturally, I became upset and wondered what Plan B was. Would he still propose?

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10/21/16: The day before the proposal…I couldn’t help but play detective and search for clues on whether or not he would still propose. Knowing this, Daniel continued to give hints at there being a backup plan, but that didn’t include this weekend. Devastated, Samantha texted her close friends to vent. How could he drop a bomb like that? Why not just keep the last minute change in plans to himself? Later that night, in Killington, Vermont, we wet out to a sports bar called JAX. Even after many drinks, and lots of game-playing, Daniel stood firm on telling me he wouldn’t propose this weekend, but that it would be soon. Knowing that he can’t keep secrets from me, I believed him and chose to just make the best of the weekend.

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10/22/16: Proposal Day… Today’s plan was to walk around Church Street in Burlington, Vermont. This was an hour drive from Killington. Since the trip was booked to go “leaf-peeping,” I asked Daniel if during our drive we could pull over occasionally to take pictures. About ten minutes into their drive, I spotted a dirt path leading to a body of water. The rain had subsided for a bit, so we got out of the car to take a few pictures. Before heading back to the car, Daniel pulled me in for a hug. He told me how much fun he had the night before and how perfect we are for each other. It wasn’t until Daniel stepped back that I felt his shaking hand and realized what was happening. Daniel lowered down to one knee and said, “Samantha you make me the happiest man in the whole
world. It would make me even happier if you would spend the rest of your life with me. Will you marry me?” While jumping, crying, laughing, and screaming, I said YES!

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