Daniel and Rachel's Little Mermaid-Inspired Proposal

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How We Met

We actually met online. I got bored one day and put my mermaid picture up on this scout site to see how many bad puns I would get. The first thing he said to me was that he would love to be the Eric to my Ariel, and the rest they say is history. Our first date was super casual dinner and relaxing at the mall. the second was when I knew I loved him. we went to the life in color concert. I usually get bored and playfully run away which bothers people but he kept me interested and ran after me. I knew he would keep up with me the rest of my life.

how they asked

On my days off from being a hair dresser I am a semi professional cosplayer. I make the costumes and dress up as characters to go to events and conventions. My friends contacted me and asked if i would be willing to model as Ariel with her for a sister mermaid shoot. i agreed. that day i was hanging out with my boyfriend and he said good luck before he had to go to work. I was really tired so I almost asked to reschedule but my sister talked me into going. my friend Chelsea and I got in our tails and shot for about an hr when she asked to take a smoke break. This is normal for her so i didn’t think anything of it and continued shooting solo with our photographer Sergio Mazzotta.

I was looking towards the river so I didn’t see my family and my boyfriend coming down the bank. I turned around and there he was dressed in his version of a prince Eric costume! He got down on one knee with a pretty purple seashell box and inside was my beautiful ring. He asked me to marry him and I said of course! He also had a bunch of my friends meet up with us right after at our favorite bar to congratulate us.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Sergio Mazzotta
 | photographer
Chelsea Lanoue
 | Model