Daniel and Madelyn

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How We Met

Lady Luck was on our side when both our respective groups of friends planned a birthday weekend outing to Atlantic City in August 2016. We both had no intentions of meeting anyone during the weekend, we were just there to make sure someone else had a great birthday. Little did we know that fate had other plans for us.

Our groups collided on the casino floor, and from that moment on Daniel and I only had eyes for each other. After a few hours standing at the casino bar, the two groups eventually decided to head to the beach and walk along the sand. Daniel and I shared our first kiss with our toes in the ocean and the lights of the boardwalk behind us. We bought a funnel cake on and spent the night talking and laughing on the beach watching the waves. By that time it was almost sunrise, so we decided to stay and watch the sun come up before heading back to our respective hotels. It was quite possibly the most romantic moment ever, it was hard to believe this was really happening because it seemed like a plot of a cheesy romantic comedy!

After the sun was finished coming up, we left with the promise to meet up on the beach that day, where we spent hours swimming in the ocean and drinking beers at the beach bar. That night we walked along the streets of Atlantic City and talked about life. Time moved so quickly because yet again it was almost time for the sun to come up. We ventured to the very end of the boardwalk to get to a spot on the beach were there would be an unobstructed view of the sunrise. We stood on the sand talking for hours until the most perfect sunrise came over the horizon. When it got to be too sunny to stand there any longer, we walked and got coffee to share and sat on the boardwalk until it was time to check out of our hotels. We parted ways with the promise that they would be in touch and could make the three hour drive work, and the rest is history.

how they asked

Neither of us had expected to find love in such a spontaneous and pure way, but when it happens it’s beautiful! When we booked a vacation for the end of July 2017, Daniel decided that would be the perfect time to pop the question and devised a plan to convince me that I was “not eligible” to be proposed to until we hit the one year mark on our relationship to prevent me from ruining the surprise. He kept dropping hints that it would happen some time in the fall, and led me to believe that it would be a mid week surprise when he drove up to Pennsylvania to randomly see me. He even went so far as to show up at my work on a weekday morning to show how spontaneous he could be!

Daniel talked to my mom and sister about the proposal and the ring, and after that they both mysteriously stopped taking my calls because they thought it would be way too hard to keep it a secret! He even bought a GoPro under the guise of using it on vacation, but really it was so he could capture the whole proposal on video. He knew how important pictures and videos were to me, and he wanted to make sure I had something beautiful to remember the moment. Looking back on it, I honestly don’t know how I didn’t guess that he was getting ready to propose, because there were so many signs pointing right at it that I was completely oblivious to! He even thought I was on to him because I was worrying about how my nails looked and insisted on getting them done before the trip, but really I was just excited for vacation!

We arrived in Mexico late Saturday evening the day before my birthday. The plan was to wake up early and watch the sunrise on the beach for my birthday and get a time-lapse video. I questioned the fact that the blanket we set up was in the shot, wondered if Daniel had set up the GoPro properly, and hoped that the sunrise would be a good one. After sitting and watching the hazy horizon for a while, I suggested we pack up and head to breakfast. I stood up to dust off the sand from my legs, then turned around and saw Daniel, down on one knee with the most beautiful ring in an illuminated box. I had a mini freak out, but finally said yes! It was the most perfect proposal, especially because we got to spend the next four days in paradise together!

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