Lauren and Daniel

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How We Met

On October 5, 2015, Daniel and I had our first date at Felicitous for a cup of coffee. One year later, Daniel asked me to marry him.

We met about four years ago doing theatre together but our paths rarely crossed and we had different circles of friends. After graduating high school, taking our separate journeys and learning countless lessons about life and love, we each found our way back to that same theatre group and put together a reunion show with other alumni. I sang La Vie En Rose in French (Daniel’s favorite) and he sang Frank Sinatra (my favorite), and our friendship finally began. The day after the show, Daniel suggested we grab coffee sometime. Was this just coffee, or was this coffee-coffee? It was the latter, which means it was most definitely a coffee date! Daniel was a gentlemen, but that wasn’t what impressed me the most. What truly caught my attention was how open and honest he was with me about his past, his relationship with the Lord and everything he’s learned throughout his life. I knew right away that this one was special.

Daniel and I continue growing and learning each day with each other. We learn how to communicate better. We learn how to put what is best for others before ourselves. We learn how to rely on God and let Him guide our lives instead of putting all the expectations on each other. We learn how to love the way we have always been meant to love: unconditionally and in a way that transcends and serves.

Daniel is the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me. He is my best friend, my confidant, my partner in crime, my soul mate and the best cup of coffee ever.

how they asked

On our anniversary, Daniel took me back to Felicitous, home of our first date. We drank iced lattes on the patio where we sat exactly one year prior and reminisced about all the blessings over the past year. After that, he took me to Bok Tower Gardens, another special date place from early in our relationship.

We walked along the trail and looped around the grand, historic tower. He lead me to the same bench we sat in the first time we visited; the same bench where a woman approached us and asked if she could take our photo because, as she said, the sight of us sitting there was so beautiful, it needed to be captured on camera.

Daniel sat on the bench next to me, obviously nervous. He asked if we could pray together and lead us in a lovely prayer of thanksgiving and praise. He started to cry, which of course made me cry too! Towards the end, Daniel said “I’m so thankful that not only is today our one year anniversary, but it’s also the day I ask Lauren to marry me.” He got down on one knee, pulled out the ring box from his blazer and asked, “Lauren, will you marry me?”

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I laughed, because the ring box was upside down. Then I wiped my teary eyes and with more excitement than I can even explain said “yes!”

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Special Thanks

Jake Ford
 | Jake and Katie Photography