Daniel and Julia's Masked Flash Mob Proposal

How we met: We met at a terrible country bar in Hollywood… I’m from Australia and country music is nowhere near as popular as it is here so I found it fun to dance along to songs about tractors and trucks and cowboys and I guess Daniel liked my attempt at country dancing. . . we quickly realized that neither of us wanted to be there and he convinced me that it would be in my best interest to come to the next bar and meet some of his friends. Saying yes then was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. . . it ended up being an awesome night, and we stayed up dancing like kids in my living room until about 4 in the morning. He had to catch a flight back home to New York in the morning so our first date was actually a coffee at Starbucks!

Mask Proposal (2)

how they asked: It was my 31st birthday and I had planned to have a casual picnic in a local park with some friends. My parents were in town visiting from Australia and more than anything I was excited for them to see all our friends and make the most of my time with them before they headed halfway across the world again. Under the guise of “getting snacks and food for the picnic” Daniel and Dad went out in the morning and told me that my first present would be a Thai massage on Abbot Kinney in Venice. He actually said “dress nice” because he would be picking me up straight from there and we would be going to the park. Thank goodness he said something otherwise I may very well have been proposed to in my sweats! So I’m wandering along Abbot Kinney with my mum on the way to get a massage and see a sign that says “WILL” with about 7 people wearing all black clothes and these amazing masks. There are cats, unicorns, dogs, birds all kinds of masks.

Mask Proposal (3)

Mask Proposal (8)

I don’t really think much of it being around Halloween and continue walking…..then I see a friend riding her bike in sync with mum and I walking playing Vance Joy’s “Riptide” from the Beats Pill and it starts to sink in.. then comes the “YOU” and “MARRY” me signs with more people wearing masks.

Mask Proposal (6)

At this point I’m just so beyond excited and surprised and looking around for the “ME” sign. Daniel was around the corner with my Dad and about 40 of my friends with the biggest smile on his face holding the last sign.

Mask Proposal

The love of my life gets down on his knee and asks me there in front of all our close friends if I will marry him.

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Mask Proposal (9)

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I couldn’t have been happier, we had been dating for over 2.5 years by this point but we are still as giddy in love as we were when we first met… I love everything about him… to know that I get to spend the rest of our lives exploring the world and growing old and wrinkly together is amazing.

Mask Proposal (11)

Mask Proposal (10)

Everyone that was there is so so special to us and it fills my heart with joy that I can forever have that memory of an amazing day. Everything about it was perfect, he really is a superstar and I love him so much!

Note from Daniel: I set the proposal bar pretty high for myself, because in February I could have easily used this Valentine’s Day opportunity to propose but wasn’t able. With that said, couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out.

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Photography by Justin Browne
Videography by Wendel