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How We Met

Our love story all began 8 years ago while we were both still in middle school. Unfortunately, he was completely clueless that I had the BIGGEST crush on him! Of course, boys at that age are oblivious when it comes to girls. I spent all school year begging for his attention and received nothing in return.

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Three years later, he finally gave me the time of day. We were then in high school and taking the same math class together. I began trying, yet again, for his attention; this time, he finally recognized my endless attempts. We began talking more and more, and we worked the same groups as much as the teacher would allow. Around seven months later, he finally gained the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend. We were inseparable until we left for two different colleges, pursuing different careers. One night while I was getting in my car to leave his college, I began to cry. I’ll never forget him saying “Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I’ll see you soon. I love you.” Oh boy was he right, as always.

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how they asked

Fast forward about five years, when we left on our annual summer zoo trip together. Contrary to past trips, this year we were going to Columbus. During the long drive, we were openly talking about getting engaged and future plans behind graduation. He even outright asked me if I wanted to go ring shopping with him the following week! Of course, I said yes! What made this trip special was the fact that I was finally going to get the chance to feed a giraffe! (Giraffes are my favorite!) Every other summer, we went to a zoo that didn’t allow giraffe feedings. However, he was able to find the Columbus Zoo, and I was entirely too excited!

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When we arrived, he kept asking me if I wanted to go directly to the giraffes in the back of the zoo, or if I’d rather tour other exhibits first. I replied over and over again, “It doesn’t matter… We have all day. We can make our way there eventually.” Secretly hoping he’d make the correct choice anyway, he led me to the giraffes right away. We stood in line for what felt like an eternity in the blazing heat, where I began taking pictures of the giraffes for my phone background in order to pass the time. Again, they’re my favorite! As we stood there in line, I told him I wanted him to use my phone to record me while I fed the giraffe, which evidently played right into his plans. We finally reached the front of the line, and he bought two servings of leaves; one for each of us. I handed him my phone went on my way to feed the giraffe without hesitation! I was so excited that I could not stop smiling!

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I fed him all three of my leaves and walked over to Daniel, where he insisted I go ahead and feed his leaves for him. While I took his three leaves and headed back towards the giraffe, I was so ecstatic that I was unaware of my surroundings.

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As I was feeding the giraffe, I heard the zookeeper say, “Sir, you can’t co…… GASP”. I turned around to find Daniel down on one knee with a ring in his hand. At this very moment, I was feeding a giraffe and looking at the love of my life down on one knee at the exact same time! I could not believe it. I was shocked. I was finally able to scream “YES!” and I hugged him harder than I ever have in our entire five year relationship! Then, everyone proceeded to cheer, which made it even better! It was simply amazing! I will NEVER forget our proposal story nor feeding a giraffe for the very first time!

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