Daniel and Deja

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Disney World

How We Met

My friend had convinced me to download Tinder, telling me it could be a good way to meet someone. I was weary about going on a date with a stranger, but I had told myself there was no harm in just talking to a few people. Eventually I matched with Daniel. We chatted for a few days until we finally agreed to meet on January 7th, 2016. I was so nervous, so to make thing easier Daniel invited me to a barbecue with friends that his roommate was throwing….And well, that day led us to where we are today.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disney World

how they asked

I woke up the morning of December 13, 2017 full of excitement and anticipation. After months of planning this trip we were finally in Orlando, Florida and it was our first day at Disney World! I bought us matching t-shirts to wear in the Disney parks each day and for this day I picked for us to wear our “Best Day Ever” shirts. I was in complete awe and up on cloud 9 the entire day from the moment we stepped into the entrance of Magic Kingdom, my favorite place on earth. It was about 4:30pm and the sun had gone down, the princess castle was dressed in Christmas lights for the holidays and was absolutely stunning. Disney had photographers set up in the courtyard in front of the castle to take photos and I just had to have one! I asked Daniel if we could stop and stand in line to get our picture taken but he insisted on going on one last right first and then come back for pictures. I was upset because I could swear the photographers probably wouldn’t be there by the time we got back, but after Daniel said “Don’t worry, I have an idea and sometimes they are good ones” we proceeded to go ride Tomorrowland Speedway anyway. I fast walked all the way back to the castle because I really wanted a picture with the beautiful castle as our back drop, and thankfully the photographers were still there! After standing in line, it was finally our turn for our picture. We both stood next to each other for our cute pose and the photographer started snapping pictures…and that is when Daniel turned to me and said “Remember when I said I sometimes have great ideas?” I said “What?” and then he got down on one knee next to me and asked me to marry him!! Through the hysterical crying from pure shock and happiness, I of course said “YES” and the crowd around us were cheering and clapping all while the photographer was capturing our special moment. It was a beautiful end to the most amazing day! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.