Danielle and Daniel

How We Met

Dan has always had a close group of friends since elementary school. When high school came around one of his close friends moved to the next town over and started to attend the same high school I did. We hung out a few times and his friend thought Dan and I would get along great so he introduced us our sophomore year of high school. We have been together ever since!

how they asked

Now fast forward to us being together for almost 8 years and his close group of friends were now also mine. We were all getting ready to go our separate ways in life and moving to different states so he planned a final road trip get together in Nashville Tennessee (My favorite city in the US!) Little did I know all 10 of his closest friends were in on it the entire time and that the ring box and huge bottle of wine made it down south without me knowing. We all got dressed up and headed to a nice dinner. Afterwards everyone decided to take one big group picture in front of the grand ole Opry! It was lighting raining but still a beautiful night. After the group picture the couples took pictures together, after our picture was taken I began to walk away when he grabbed my arm. Before I even turned around he was on his knee and I was shocked! His friends got pictures and videos from every angle! Dream ring. Perfect proposal. Image 1 of Danielle and Daniel