Daniel and Danielle

Wedding Proposal Ideas in ET's Lounge in Temecula (Where we 1st met)

How We Met

We’ve been together for over 3 1/2 years when I popped the question. We met at our local dive karaoke bar in Temecula called ET’s Lounge. That night we talked on the phone until sunrise. From there our relationship grew into an amazing journey which will last a lifetime. To propose, I returned to where it all began.

how they asked

She said YES!!! I proposed the only way I knew how.. through RAP. I reworked the 3rd verse for Eminem and Rihanna “Love the Way you Lie” which was the first song we ever dueted together on the first night we met at our favorite little spot ET’s Lounge in Temecula.

PROPOSAL LYRICS: “Now I know we said things, did things Babe Listen this ain’t no dream This isn’t just our usual Friday Night Routine This is Fate, I was meant for you, you were meant for me When it comes to love yours is the Finest So baby listen Please Talking about you, me and Destiny And As crazy as all of this may seem This is what happens when a Romeo Finds his Juliet so Let’s Go Cause all I know is I love you TOO MUCH The WAITS UP Come by my Side, Let’s take a long Walk Down the Aisle, Hear the Sincerity in my Voice as I talk Told you I would Prove It Look me in the Eyeballs Cause baby I choose you above all There are no others So Danielle Maree Carruthers WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

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