Daniel and Cristina

Daniel and Cristina's Engagement in Santorini, Greece

How We Met

Cristina and I met at high school. I was born and raised in Canada, and Cristina and her family moved to Canada from El Salvador when she was 6. How lucky am I that her family decided on the same city I was growing up in. We first met in high school – we had some mutual friends and a few classes together, but we did not really know each other at first. However, in grade 10, we started to get to know each other, and we dated a few months. We both realized we were too young to be in a real relationship and broke up. However, the world had other plans, because in grade 12 we got back together when I asked Cristina to prom. We dated all through university, and up until our engagement had been together a little over 7 years.

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How They Asked

In spring 2019, we organized our first trip together across seas. We decided on island hopping in Greece. In advance of our trip, I convinced Cristina there was no way I would be proposing to her in Greece – I told her that I would never travel with a ring and that I was too scared to travel with something so expensive in case I would lose the ring or that she would discover it while going through security. She was convinced! I also organized with Cristina a photo tour of the island – After 7 years we had not had professional photos done, and Cristina had been dropping hints that it was something she really wanted to do together. What a great opportunity! Consulting with Cristina (so she thought she was in on the whole thing), I convinced her to go with the engagement photographer for our photo tour.

Leading up to our trip to Greece, we also started looking at homes. The first month we weren’t having much luck, and our trip to Greece was quickly approaching. We got to a point where I thought we would be better off waiting until we got back from our trip. However, Cristina found one last house to look at before we left, and convinced me that even though the offer date was while we were away in Europe, we could have our realtor have the offer ready to present while we were away.

After traveling to Europe, we settled on the first island we were visiting – Paros. It was a beautiful island and a great way to start our trip. Our last night on this island was the night our offer on the house was made. At midnight in Greece, we found out that the sellers had accepted our offer! This was turning into a crazy week with a lot of firsts together! Little did Cristina know what was coming next.

We next took a ferry to Santorini. After settling in our first day on the island, it was finally time for our “photo tour” of the island. Our photographer came to our hotel at 8 AM to pick us up. Cristina was looking incredibly beautiful, as she always does. Off we went – We started with a few photos by our hotel in Fira, and then off to Oia for some photos at some of the most beautiful spots on the island. After an hour of photos, our guide brought us to this spot outside of Oia that was quiet and private. Our guide had Cristina pose in front of Oia alone for some photos with her back to me. I pulled the ring out of my bag, snuck up behind Cristina, got down on my knee and asked my best friend to marry me! Truthfully, I was at a lost of words, and so was she! At first she just asked me a million questions – did her family know, did I ask her parents, when did I ask them, etc. However, she finally said yes. Our guide pulled out a bottle of champagne for us to enjoy at this private spot and to celebrate our engagement!

We continued with our photo shoot as a newly engaged couple for the rest of the morning. Then we went to a local winery to celebrate for the rest of the day! It was an incredible day, an incredible week, an incredible trip and we are looking forward to an incredible life together! We had the best time enjoying the rest of our trip as an engaged couple!

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Special Thanks

Nikos SIrigos
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring